Scenario 68-year-old female presents to the office for a fol

Scenario 68-year-old female presents to the office for a follow up… Scenario  68-year-old female presents to the office for a follow up post hospital visit for COPD exacerbation where she was placed on steroids. She as a body mass index (BMI) of 38. Past medical history (PMH) of vascular disease secondary to type two diabetes, coronary artery bypass grafting surgery at age 53, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atrial fibrillation, COPD secondary to ongoing tobacco use with multiple prior hospital admissions for COPD exacerbation, chronic arthritic knee pain managed with over the counter medications, and lower extremity swelling. She denies alcohol use, has no known allergies. Blood pressure 155/68, heart rate 62 irregular, respiratory rate 20, she is alert and oriented, normal S1 and S2 irregular. She has bilateral faint, intermittent, expiratory wheezes in all fields. She has normal bowel sounds; her extremities are warm with 2+ radial and doppler pulses; bilateral extremities edema. Hospital discharge summary showed white blood cell count of 15, 000, INR 3.7, Creatinine 1.4, and glucose 210. Mary is widowed and lives alone.Prehospital Medication List:Metformin 500 mg 2xDAspirin 81 mg 1xDCarvedilol 3.125 mg 2xDSimvastatin 20 mg 1xDAmlodipine 10 mg 1xDCoumadin 5 mg 1xDSpiriva HandiHaler 18 mcg (capsule) inhaled 1xDTylenol 1000 mg q6h PRN for knee painIbuprofen 400 mg q6h PRN for knee painNitroglycerine 0.4 mg SL q5min PRN x 3 doses for chest painDischarge medication List:Digoxin 0.25 mg 1xDAtorvastatin 80 mg 1xDAspirin 81 mg 1xDSpiriva HandiHaler 18 mcg (capsule) inhaled 1xDSerevent Diskus 50 mcg (1 inhalation) 2xDPrednisone 40 mg 1xD for 5 days post hospitalizationAmlodipine 10 mg 1xD   4Based on the medications that she has been taking for the past 5 days and the new medication regimen that you have decided to put her on during this visit, what follow up does Mary Ann need? Include provider follow up as well as objective assessment follow up (vital signs, labs, etc.). Health Science Science Nursing NUR 515

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