Reimbursement and Personal Health Records 1. Unlike the PHR,

Reimbursement and Personal Health Records 1. Unlike the PHR, the…Reimbursement and Personal Health Records1. Unlike the PHR, the patient portal must follow ____ guidelines. A. HIPPA B. PHI C. AMA D. NPP2. Once the PHR has been created, it’s important for the patient to ____ the records. A. Maintain B. Secure C. Avoid D. Delete3. Another name for coding variance is A. Accuracy B. Description C. Ranges D. Mistakes 4. In order to satisfy Stage 2 of meaningful use, ____ portals have created. A. Providers B. Patients C. Individual D. Healthcare5. Which of the following information is not found on the superbill? A. Insurance policy number B. Account balance C. Date of appointment D. Insurance deductible6. How can the information from a software PHR be shared? A. Saving information to USB drive B. This information should not be shared C. Sending information through secure email D. Printing necessary information 7. Which of the following is not provider benefits from PHR? A. Alternative means of communication B. Improve compliance C. Receipt of payment D. Improve patients recall of medical history 8. The ____ is the electronic format of a claim form. A. P4P B. Electronic data interchange C. HIPPA 5010 D. Encounter form 9. The portion of the patient portal that allow the patient to load data is called A. Personal health records B. Personal information identification C. Patient data D. Patient-controlled health record10. What type of claims format is used to submit an electronic claim or to health plans? A. HIPPA 5010 B. Electronic data interchange C. HIPPA revenue D. Electronic revenue11. ____ codes ae supplement codes used by researchers to collect data, rack illness, and measure quality of care. A. Volume II B. CategoryII C. Volume III D. Category III12. In order to submit claims for services rendered at a clinic visit, at check-in a patient’s_____ must be checked at every visit. A. Copayment B. Benefits C. Deductible D. Eligibility13. The ability of separate systems to share information in compatible formats is called A. Social networking B. Interoperability C. Patient portal D. Fragmentation14. Which of the following is an example of an ICD-10-CM code? A. 252.0 B. Ej1101.257 C. E1.0 D. 11.0EJ15. Regular and random billing audits are completed to identify A. Poor coding B. Claims denied C. Patient payment D. Health plan 16. Category I CPT codes include all of the following sections except A. Ambulance B. Pathology and laboratory C. Anesthesia D. Radiology17. A set dollar amount that the patient pays for reimbursement o certain services is called a A. Copayment B. Services fee C. Coinsurance D. Fee or service18. ____ is a range of money that a guarantor/Patient must pay before insurances pays any claim. A. Reimbursement B. Premium C. Deductible D. Coinsurance 19. The ____ starts with patients scheduling and continues through collection of payments for services rendered. A. Payment cycle B. Revenue cycle C. Patient cycle D. Financial cycle20. Jake receives a call from the biller at is primary care that he owes $50.00 or his cholesterol testing three months ago. Jake doesn’t have money to make a payment. After two more months without any payment received, the biller should A. Discharge him from the practice B. Send a certified letter C. Write off the balance D. Send him to a collection agencyHealth Science Science Nursing HCAS 129

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