Read case study and seebelow. THE CASE OF MARY BETH… Read

Read case study and seebelow. THE CASE OF MARY BETH… Read case study and seebelow.THE CASE OF MARY BETH SAMUELS AND THE ROLE OF HEALTH ADVOCACY Mary Beth Samuels is a 50 year old woman became ill while at work and was feeling chilled and experiencing a slight cough. She made an appointment with her primary care physicians and made an appointment for later that afternoon. She arrived her physician’s office at 2:00 p.m. After examining her and running tests, Dr. Truvent that she needed to be admitted into the hospital as she had pneumonia. He referred her to Replendent Medical Center, located close to his office. Mary arrived at the hospital at 3:30 p.m., entered the Admitting Department and went to the front desk with papers that Dr. Truvent had given her to her. Mary was asked for her name and told to have a seat in the waiting room. When she was called in for the Admitting interview, Tom Piets, the Admitting clerk asked for her name, address and insurance information. He seemed busy and gave her a pack of papers to read and sign; he left the room to take care of another patient at the front desk. Mary, nervous about being admitted, glanced at the papers, signed a general consent form, a release of information and HIPAA form, closed the folder and waited for Mr. Piets. Mr. Piets returns, opens the folder, glances at the forms and says thank you. He keeps a few of the forms, returns the rest to Mary. She is then seen by the Admitting nurse who does her vital signs, reviews the paperwork and calls for transport to escort Mary to her nursing unit. The Transporter arrives, Bobby, introduces himself to Mary and escorts her to the nursing unit for admission. The Head Nurse greets Mary and thanks Bobby. After appropriate processing by the Head Nurse, Mary is shown to her room and settles in. She asks if she can have visitors and the Head Nurse says yes, after the first 24 hours. Mary, though unhappy, agrees. In the next few hours, the physician arrives, goes to the computer and reviews the case. She asks his name (does not see an I.D.) and he says he is a Resident in Medicine. He says call me “Res.” He briefly talks with her and she does not see him until the next day. By noon on the day following her admission, she notes that her breakfast was late, that the nurse did not respond to the call bell when she pressed it. She decides to call the Patient Advocacy Office to ask for assistance and to voice complaints about her experience at Resplendent Medical Center.Case Study -1. This term, we have considered the ethical foundation of health advocacy and patient rights. Has the ethical principle of autonomy been upheld in this case?a) List and briefly define the 4 ethical principles we have studiedb) Does the patient consent for treatment uphold or violate any of the four ethical principles? (name principle and discuss)c) Consider the American College of Health Care Executives Ethics Statement we reviewed. From the information provided there, does management of Resplendent Medical Center uphold ethical principles? If so, how? If not, why?Health Science Science Nursing

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