quiz 1 1. Mental illness is defined as a medical condition..

quiz 1 1. Mental illness is defined as a medical condition… quiz 11. Mental illness is defined as a medical condition affecting which four (4) areas?2. Describe how the following social factors could be considered a risk for mental health? a) Poverty b) Isolation 3. Name two (2) psychological factors that are considered protective factors against mental illness.4. In what two (2) ways can mental illness affect a person’s cognitive ability?5. 5 Name two (2) physical factors that may increase a person’s chance of developing mental illness.6. How could a consumer consultant use their own experience to assist others as part of their role?7. Give one (1) example of how an enrolled nurse could gain a better understanding of the consumer’s perspective and support their ongoing management plan and recovery8. Give three (3) requirements of a therapeutic relationship. quiz 21. Your patient tells you that they are dating Beyoncé and have been getting snap chats from her all night. What sort of delusion is this?2. Give three (3) examples of symptoms that a person with psychosis would exhibit.3. 3 Give three (3) negative effects of schizophrenia.4. List three (3) methods of supporting a patient with psychosis. 5.  Provide an example of a medication (generic name only) typically used for schizophrenia and list any side effects.6. What is Chlorpromazine used for and list three (3) side effects in patients taking this drug7. What happens if you suddenly stop taking Clozapine? List three (3) side effects of this drug8. The diagnostic criteria for Major Neurocognitive Disorder (AKA Dementia) in the DSM 5 states that there must be evidence of significant cognitive decline from a previous level of performance in one or more of the 6 cognitive domains. List three (3) of these domains.9. Is delirium reversible? List six (6) ways you can help someone with delirium. 10.  If a patient were becoming angry, what behavior would they exhibit when they are at the acceleration stage of escalation? 11. Provide three (3) situations that would require an enrolled nurse to seek further assistance?12. Provide three (3) examples of a barrier to effective communication: Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH HLT54115

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