q1-IntroductionDescribed brief overview of information to be

q1-IntroductionDescribed brief overview of information to be… q1-IntroductionDescribed brief overview of information to be covered in the presentation.q2-Explained each of the following in paragraph  1-Nurse Practice Act-What is the Nurse Practice Act?-Why do we use the Nurse Practice Act?-Where do you find the information about the Nurse Practice Act?-What are the nursing standards?2-CNA-What can the CNA do without the supervision of the nurse?-What can the CNA do with the supervision of the nurse?-Where do CNA’s go-to look up their scope of practice?3-LPN-What is the role of an LPN in long-term care?-What can an LPN do without a physician’s order?-What is the scope of practice compared to an RN?-Is there any repercussion for the LPN practicing out of their scope?-What can be legally delegated to CNAs?4-RN-What is the role of an RN in long-term care?-What can an RN do without a physician’s order?-What is the scope of practice of an RN?-What can an RN delegate to an LPN?-What is the punishment for not following the scope of practice for an RN?5-Comparison-How does the scope of practice differentiate between different levels of nursing personnel?-Do you feel that the nursing practice act will help you in your future career as a nurse?-Will you refer to the scope of practice if you find yourself in need of guidance during a situation?-What is another resource that nurses can use during situations that can cause you to lose your license? If specific policies and procedures are in place via the nurse practice act, define their approach to the issue. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WRITE THE ANSWERS TO EACH AND EVERY . You ARE REQUIRED to type a paper discussing how the Nurse Practice Act instructs a nurse on how to care for a patient..please provide references and no copy and paste. thank you  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 233

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