Provide home & community support services SCENARIO 01 Descri

Provide home & community support services SCENARIO 01 Description… Provide home & community support services SCENARIO 01Description of the role play  Mrs.Wong Mrs Wong is an elderly client with mobility problems. She has found it increasingly difficult to cope since the death of her husband a few years ago.Your visit with Mrs. Wong will involve a general discussion about her personal situation and requirements.  However, follow-up visits must be scheduled every two to three days.Today you will also help Mrs Wong with some basic cleaning as you have observed that her kitchen is unhygienic.  Mrs Wong’s has told you that you can use her cleaning chemicals & equipment as you see fit. Mrs Wong’s is very appreciative of your help.  She explains to you that her eyesight is failing and she is unable to see the grime in some areas of her kitchen Note: other family members present during your visit include Mrs. Wong’s daughter and grandson. Please help me to develop  a conversation (Role Play)  in between Mrs Wong and the Support worker, according to below provided guidelines ( Role play duration 30 Minutes)  Observable Task CriteriaO1. Establish relationship in the homeAssure the person of your identify.Clarify purpose of visit and confirm the client’s consent.Give opportunity for the client to express any issues or concerns in relation to your visit.Engage appropriately with client (& others) in the place of residence.O2. Operate respectfully in the homeNegotiate how to implement the Individual Plan to suit the client; respecting that the work setting is the client’s home.Demonstrate sensitivity toward the client and their place of residence.SCENARIO 01Description of the role play Mr Lachlan  Lachlan is a fifteen-year-old client with bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Lachlan’s Individual Care Plan states that carers have had some success in managing Lachlan’s conditions with medication and engagement in social activities. However, further documentation indicates that there have been noticeable changes in his behaviour most recently. Today you identified unexplained bruises on Lachlan’s body (Note: on the last visit, Lachlan’s parents refused to let him be seen or spoken to on his own). Today you have also been surprised by the unsanitary conditions within the home environment. Lachlan’s’ Individual Plan centres on the need to support Lachlan and those who care for him. The services include: participation in social activities, assisting improvement in nutrition, function, strength, independence, and safety. Evaluation strategies include reviewing outcomes; and regular meetings/correspondence with all those involved in Lachlan’s care; including health practitioners.  Please help me to develop a conversation (Role Play)  in between Lachlan and the Support worker, according to below provided guidelines ( Role play duration 30 Minutes)  Task CriteriaO1. Determine requirements of individual planRead and interpret plan, goals and confirm equipment, processes and aids.Prepare equipment, resources and documentsO2. Operate respectfully in the homeNegotiate how to implement the Individual Plan to suit the client; respecting that the work setting is the client’s home.Comply with Duty of Care requirements. Demonstrate respect and sensitivity Deal with ethical dilemmas, behaviours of concern, possible abuse and/or neglect. Maintain confidentiality as per legislation.O3. Complete reporting and documentation Comply with reporting requirements, including reporting observations of supervisor. Complete and maintain documentation as per organisational policy and protocols. Ensure arrangements for follow up visits.Health Science Science Nursing

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