Project Scope and Limitations The successful execution of an

Project Scope and Limitations The successful execution of any… Project Scope and LimitationsThe successful execution of any project is reliant on a well-defined project scope. According to Jamaledine (2017), the best experts, tools, methodology and resources can be invested into a project, but without clearly defined scope, the project is very much a failure. Project scope is defined through clear vision and input from all relevant stakeholders (Livoti, 2019). The project scope is not concretized at the inception state, as dynamic environments will impact the project development and outcome (Jamaledine, 2017). In essence, the project scope is perimeter within which the project is developed. Landau (2022) supports Jamaledine (2017) in noting that the project scope cannot be defined until the project goals, development structure, required resources, assumptions and accepted criteria. The scope of this project exists within the confines of CAUTI prevention in oncology patients, specific to the use of CHG baths. With the project scope, the researcher defined the purpose of the project through clearly identifiable goals and objectives (Jamaledine, 2017). The goal focuses on the development of system documentation for prevention of CAUTI in cancer patients. The objectives reduce the goal into smaller actionable areas (Landau, 2022). The main objectives for the project are the effectiveness of CHG baths as a form of prevention for CAUTI. The effectiveness of the CHG baths can only be measured if it is administered. This highlights the next objective, which examines CHG procedures and the maintenance of records relating to CHG baths for cancer patients affected by CAUTI. Understanding the goals and objectives build the foundation on which the business needs are developed (Livoti, 2019). To this end, the need for system documentation was determined by all stakeholder after careful consideration on its impact on quality, cost and efficiency (Landau, 2022). Highlighting the objectives and expected outcomes presented the easier part of the scope development, most important is how the scope is further described for implementation. The researcher examines the possibility of incorporating project management tools such as Gannt charts and PERT diagrams to give a visual of how the project will develop (Jamaledine, 2017). The process of designing project boundaries and setting stakeholders expectations should not overshadow the need for project exclusions to be examined (Landau, 2022). Similarly, the project constraints or limitations are necessary in providing a balanced overview of how the project develops (Livoti, 2019). As the project gets underway, issues relating to cost, compliance, time and accessibility are definite limitations to the project. With stakeholders being involved, some aspects of the cost can be managed. However, Landau (2022) notes that cost, time and scope are usually intertwined and impact to one can ultimately impact the entire project. Understanding the risks involve makes easier for the researcher to identify possible solutions. Working along with authorized stakeholders will afford the researcher access to required data within the scope of federal compliance (Jamaledine, 2017). It is assumed that the stakeholders will be very supportive of the project in order for the researcher to deliver on an updated procedure for CHG baths for cancer patients through the implementation of system documentation. In essence, the project scope is the blueprint that guides the development of the project. Confined to the boundaries agreed on ensures that the project focuses on the business need identified and not other impacting outliers. Balancing the scope with the limitations provide a clear picture of what the path of the project will lead to.  READ THE ABOVE. How have you set any boundaries or limitations to this project scope?Explain.Health Science Science Nursing NURISNG HCI 690

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