Program Enrolled in: DNP-FNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice-Fami

Program Enrolled in: DNP-FNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice-Family… Program Enrolled in: DNP-FNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice-Family Nurse PractitionerSubject: Interprofessional Collaboration Course: Improving Health outcomeDiscussion #6 – The Language of Safety-you can get ideas from the sample post from my classmates written below. There are key strategies used to help improve communication among healthcare teams.  One such strategy is TeamSTEPPS (TS) ( (Links to an external site.)TeamSTEPPS® | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Links to an external site.) .  Review the basic principles of TS on the AHRQ website; look at the offered videos, and the general overview of training.  Discuss how or if you would find TS helpful as a tool to implement in your project.  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Please discuss whether your project site utilizes either TS or a similar framework for communication to ensure good teamwork and improve patient safety outcomes.  An example is Sutter’s Safe Care, being instituted in all primary care settings as well as all acute care settings.  Proposed DNP Project: PICOT : In Adult African American Patients who present with hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus will those receiving urinalysis and estimated GFR screening have earlier detection of chronic kidney disease symptoms compared to those who were not screened within 6 months. ***I WORK AT AN OUTPATIENT SETTING AS A CASE MANAGER FOR PATIENTS UNDER MEDICARE AND MEDICAL. WE CALL PATIENTS YEARLY TO CHECK IN IF THEY ARE DOING OK OR THERE IS ANYTHING WE CAN HELP THEM WITH. I REVIEW THEIR MEDICATION, DUE PREVENTATIVE HEALTH MEASURES AND THEIR SAFETY AT HOME.***  SAMPLE POST DISCUSSION: The Language of SafetyTeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based set of teamwork tools, aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals (AHRQ).TeamSTEPPS is based on the idea that if teamwork is not inherent in a team, it can be learned/taught since it helps in the improvement of communication and other collaboration skills necessary to accomplish an organizational goal or simply improve patient safety outcomes.The Key Principles of TeamSTEPPS are:Team Structure: Establish fundamentals such as team size, membership, leadership, composition, identification, and distribution.Leadership: Ability to coordinate the activities of the team members by ensuring team actions are understood using briefing, huddle, and debriefing.Situation Monitoring: Actively scanning and assessing the situation to identify potential issues early enough to correct/handle them using STEP and I’M SAFE.Mutual Support: Provide task related support and assistance through accurate knowledge about their responsibilities and workload by using task assistance, feedback, two-challenge rule, CUS etc.Communication: Structured process by which communication is clearly and accurately exchanged among team members using SBAR, Check Back, Call-out, and Handoff.I first learned about TeamSTEPPS four years ago when I began working at my present workplace. I’m incredibly appreciative of being introduced to such a simple yet effective tool. As TeamSTEPPS is evidence-based way for proper communication, I will most definitely use these tactics while implementing my video project and DNP project. For my project, I plan to brainstorm potential barriers to project implementation with the team and identify ways to handle them. The purpose of my project is to ensure good communication between staff and patients, as well as between staff members, and to ensure that the correct information was perceived by performing double checks for accuracy. Given that most employees at the project implementation site has already been taught on the TeamSTEPPS module, this will be a bonus for me, and we may only require a brief refresher. After all, I believe that the ideal language for safety in healthcare is ‘TeamSTEPPS.’ReferencesTeamSTEPPS for office-based care self-paced course. AHRQ. (n.d.)  ANOTHER SAMPLE POST DISCUSSION: The first time I was introduced to TeamSTEPPS was during my work as a risk manager. I had no idea how useful TS was to organizations until then. It become very apparent, in specific institutions, when TS is not used, and is recognizable by the lack of administration support for patient safety, lack of teamwork, and lack of communication. TS will be helpful for my DNP project as most of it is based on teamwork and communication. I feel it would be a great disservice not to utilize a tool such as TS, especially as it was created for the purpose of patient safety and communication. My project site has yet to be determined, but I am starting a new job in a clinic. From what I know of the clinic, TS, or something similar, is definitely utilized. During the interview process, it was very apparent communication is key and teamwork is not only encouraged, it is the core of the clinic. The clinic is East Bay Advanced Care, formerly known as East Bay Aids Center. EBAC, as it is known, is an evidence-based clinic, relying heavily on the latest research on HIV and AIDS management and prevention. Research, evidence-based care, team communication, support, and situational awareness is very apparent all part of TS, and appears, so far, to be as well at EBAC. I will be using TS throughout my project to ensure great teamwork, communication, mutual respect, and appropriate leadership is carried out in order to ensure patient safety.        Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 701

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