Pretend you are a student that had to interview a Nurse answ

Pretend you are a student that had to interview a Nurse answer the… Pretend you are a student that had to interview a Nurse answer the following s in a way you think the nurse would answer them.Why would one choose this career? 2. What would a typical workday look like for someone in this field? 3. What educational requirements are needed for this job?  4. What are some skills or abilities that one would find important in this field?  (Some examples include: creativity, leadership, reasoning, etc.)   5. What are the most rewarding aspects of this career? 6. What are the least rewarding aspects of this career? 7. What are some of the typical working conditions in this field as they relate to:Stress (High or low)Physical activity (Physically active, moderately active, inactive)Pace (Fast or slow)    8. Can you speak to how one would find balance in their life as a healthcare professional and how stress might be managed?                                                      9. What time management strategies are typically used in this field?    10. Is there any advice one would give to students looking to begin a career in the healthcare sector? Now answer the followingfor the educational requirments of a Nurse in Ontario: Short-term goals (Academic Plan): In Ontario What are the academic requirements to enter your chosen program (Nursing)?  Long-term goals (Career Plan): In OntarioWhat Certifications are required? What Associations do you need to become a member of?How would you keep current in the field?What is the viability of the career in the next 5 years?What are the skills required for the career? Do you have these skills? If not, outline what you need to do to foster these skills. What some of the pros working in your chosen career?What some of the cons (i.e. challenges) working in your chosen career?What are the working conditions like?Suggest how to find balance and manage time and stress.List two other careers that you may consider besides your chosen career.  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 2188

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