PRAC 6665/6675 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form Desired.

PRAC 6665/6675 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form Desired… PRAC 6665/6675 Clinical Skills  Self-Assessment FormDesired Clinical Skills for Students to AchieveConfident (Can  independently)Mostly confident (Can  with supervision)Beginning (Have performed with supervision or needs supervision to feel confident)New (Have never performed or does not apply)Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation skills in: Recognizing clinical signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness across the lifespan  X  Differentiating between pathophysiological and psychopathological conditions   X  Performing and interpreting a comprehensive and/or interval history and physical examination (including laboratory and diagnostic studies)  X  Performing and interpreting a mental status examination  X  Performing and interpreting a psychosocial assessment and family psychiatric history X   Performing and interpreting a functional assessment (activities of daily living, occupational, social, leisure, educational).X   Diagnostic reasoning skill in: Developing and prioritizing a differential diagnoses list X  Formulating diagnoses according to DSM 5 based on assessment data  X  Differentiating between normal/abnormal age-related physiological and psychological symptoms/changes X  Pharmacotherapeutic skills in: Selecting appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for medication plan (e.g., risk/benefit, patient preference, developmental considerations, financial, the process of informed consent, symptom management)  X  Evaluating patient response and modify plan as necessary  X  Documenting (e.g., adverse reaction, the patient response, changes to the plan of care) X  Psychotherapeutic Treatment Planning: Recognizes concepts of therapeutic modalities across the lifespan X  Selecting appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for psychotherapeutic plan (e.g., risk/benefit, patient preference, developmental considerations, financial, the process of informed consent, symptom management, modality appropriate for situation)  X  Applies age-appropriate psychotherapeutic counseling techniques with individuals and/or any caregivers X  Develop an age-appropriate individualized plan of care X  Provide psychoeducation to individuals and/or any caregiversX   Promote health and disease prevention techniquesX   Self-assessment skill: Develop SMART goals for practicum experiences  X  Evaluating outcomes of practicum goals and modify plan as necessary  X  Documenting and reflecting on learning experiences X  Professional skills: Maintains professional boundaries and therapeutic relationship with clients and staffX   Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to improve clinical practice in mental health settings X   Identifies ethical and legal dilemmas with possible resolutionsX   Demonstrates non-judgmental practice approach and empathy X  Practices within scope of practice X  Selecting and implementing appropriate screening instrument(s), interpreting results, and making recommendations and referrals:Demonstrates selecting the correct screening instrument appropriate for the clinical situation  X  Implements the screening instrument efficiently and effectively with the clients X  Interprets results for screening instruments accurately X  Develops an appropriate plan of care based upon screening instruments response X  Identifies the need to refer to another specialty provider when applicable X  Accurately documents recommendations for psychiatric consultations when applicable X   Summary of strengths:My strengths are professional skills in that I can work with different characters and keep appropriate and respectful boundaries. I work well with diverse personalities and understand my duties as a professional nurse to advocate for my patients and family with a solid ethical scope. My strengths are being an active listener, passion, giving, and enthusiasm to learn new skills. I am a collaborator and within my scope of practice. I will be open-minded and show compassion toward my patients and their families. It is critical to assess strengths chances to grow.   Opportunities for growth:Opportunities are growing by implementing appropriate screening tools, interpreting results, and making suggestions for mental disorders. Having exam confidence in these areas since working at various practicum sites, I still feel like this is an area I can improve.   Now, write three to four (3-4) possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources. Goal: In my practicum experience, I will develop my skills in planning a suitable psychiatric treatment evidence-based throughout the 11-week practicum rotation. I will practice and learn these skills during the 11-week course.Objective: The plan is to keep studying, reading, and interpreting course material and supplemental resources throughout this practicum 6665 care across the lifespan.Objective: Doing procedures and interpreting the screening instrument (s) results, from minimal to no errors.Objective: Complete assignment with supplemental materials to become competent during the practicum.Goal: Adequate assignment time with additional resources to become a capable PMHNP in the next 11 weeks. Objective: Expand my practicum experience. I will be ready for my skills that are age-appropriate and evidence-based throughout the 11-week.b.    Objective:Evaluating a mental status check by objective taking in essential conclusions from the patient’s history and physical examination.  Objective: Training examining and considerate examinations. Goal: At the end of our 11-week course, my skills will grow in performing comprehensive different mental evaluations and recognizing the distinctions in the finding from patient history and physical examination. Objective: Doing procedures and interpreted evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment planObjective: Implement suitable age-appropriate, evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment plansObjective: Monitoring and accepting course material and supplemental resources throughout this practicum 6665 Care across the Lifespan Goal: Expand my practicum experience. I will be ready for my skills that are age-appropriate and evidence-based throughout the the11-week.Objective: By the end of our practicums, I will perform behavior examinations appropriately and reproduce the conclusions’ interpretation.Objective: Assessing a mental status examination by precisely taking in significant findings from the patient’s examination Objective: In the eleven weeks of our practicum, I will conduct examinations and reflect on interpreting the findings.  Proofreading please.Health Science Science Nursing NRNP 6665

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