POSTER, using a single PowerPoint slide. You can include pic

POSTER, using a single PowerPoint slide. You can include pictures,…  POSTER, using a single PowerPoint slide. You can include pictures, tables, graphs, etc. Please reference any tables/graphs with data. You can use a College of Health Sciences (CHSP) Ohio University template that you can download here > Research Poster Templates or an Ohio University template here or create your own. If you use the CHSP or Ohio University template, you will have to download the file before you can edit it. You do not have to PAY or purchase these templates. An example is here:Click here to download the template.  The headers of your poster will include the following:Background (Include statistics and statements that demonstrate the need for this clinical practice change)PICOT (Either the original one you developed or a new one for this topic)Literature Summary (Explore 4-5 RESEARCH articles on your topic. What does the literature tell us? What is best-practice?)Recommendation (Based on the literature, should we change what we are currently doing in the workplace [or was the change that was already made best practice?] What do you recommend, based on the evidence?)References (4-5 APA 7th edition references; these should be cited on the poster in-text, in a smaller font). The references list, not the in-text, should be in the same font as the rest of the posterTips:Use color and graphics/images to enhance your poster but do not go overboard; it should be easy to view.Do not use excessive text. The audience should not have to “read” your poster like a paper. Keep text succinct.Use bullet points when appropriate. It’s easier to read and it helps break up the content.Use the same font/size for headers and the same font/size for other text for neatnessKeep all content within the bounds of the poster.Articles I Will use  Do infants born diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)  benefit more from breastfeeding compared to formula feeding, by decreasing withdrawal scores and need for treatment and ultimately decreasing hospital stay after delivery?Need ideas for poster, at a loss Image transcription textOHIO UNIVERSITY College of Health Sciences and Professions BACKGROUND Click here to edit this textCHOOSE FROM FIVE LAYOUTS IN THIS TEMPLATE On WINDOWS: Click on the HOME TAB. See the SlidesGroup; chick on Layout to see the layout thumbnail choices. Click on each to apply different layou… Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing NRSE 4550

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