PNUR 205 WEEK 11ANTEPARTUM, INTRAPARTUM, POSTPARTUM & NEWBORN LAB… PNUR 205  WEEK 11 ANTEPARTUM, INTRAPARTUM, POSTPARTUM & NEWBORN LABGoals:1. To Educate a client on methods to promote health and prevent complications associated with pregnancy.2. To identify important information that should be communicated to the pregnant client about her/ his pregnancy 3. To assess well-being of the pregnant client and fetus1. Discuss cultural beliefs, values and practices when providing postpartum care for the individual and family.2. Participate in demonstration and practice of:a. Postpartum assessmentb. Breast carec. Application of heat/coldd. Perineal caree. Breastfeeding3. Discuss cultural beliefs, values and practices when providing newborn care for the individual and family.4. Participate in demonstration and practice of:a. Assessment of vital signs of the newbornb. Bathing and cord care of newbornc. Weighing the newbornd. Safety for the newborne. Positioning for the newborn  Preparation: Leifer & Keenan -Lindsay Ch.4,5 & 6.                        CSL Case study Susan Wilson Define Prenatal Care also known as Antenatal Care:          2.  Case study  Client A  G1 P0 ( Primipara) arrives at the Doctor’s office for her initial visit and asked you the Practical Nurse what can be done during pregnancy to ensure that her baby is healthy and doing well. Her LMP was May 20. Maternal Assessment Fetus Assessment            .                    3.Mrs. A communicated that the first day of her last menstrual period was May 20. Calculate her Estimated date of birth?  —————————— 4.The recommended schedule for prenatal visits in an uncomplicated pregnancy is as follows:Conception to 28 weeks – every ——— weeks29 to 36 weeks                     every  ———-weeks37 weeks to birth                 ——————week  5. Mrs. A is 30 weeks pregnant . Complete Leopold Manoeuvre to determine :A       ————————                                 B.     ——————————                                                                                                                                                      ABNORMAL PRESENTATIONSImage transcription textFace Brow Breech Shoulder AbnormalPresentations… Show more 6. Breech Presentation may be confirmed with an   ————————— 7. What position should you communicate to Mrs. A to avoid lying in while in bed or on the coach to avoid adverse effect -Answer:  8. Communicate to your peers your Cultural background, then share cultural practices relevant to: Pregnancy ——————————— Labor———————————————— Postpartum   period—————————————————  New born Care——————————————————-  9. Identify Maternal and fetal complications associated with the following:Gestational Diabetes:            Maternal                       Fetal-   Gestational Hypertension:C      Maternal –       D      Fetal – . Identify the correct location to listen to Baby’s Heart Rate        ————————      Image transcription textThe The Dlsplay intervals between thevertical red lines represent one Iminute .4 Uterine activity i… Show more… Show more  11.Define Uterine Contraction ————————————-Describe how you would assess the characteristics of a contraction Palpate the ——————–Noting  the :1.   ———————————-2.  ————————————3.  ———————————– 12. Describe the 3 Phases of a Contraction:                                  Diagram of a  Contraction :Image transcription textBeginning of contraction Beginning of contraction IncrementAcme Decrement Relaxation Duration of contractionFrequency of contractions… Show more    13 Mrs.  A arrives at the Hospital and communicates to you the nurse that she is in labour. Based on your assessment data distinguish if Mrs. A is in true labour or false labour? —————————– —————————– —————————– —————————–  Image transcription textCervical Effacement and DilationBorradura y dilatacion cervical 2 cm 5cm 8 cm 10 cm 0 6 cm 6 8… Show more… Show more   Image transcription textCERVICAL DILATION 1cm 2cm 3cm4cm 5cm 6cm 7 cm 8 cm 9 cm 10 cm … Show more    14   Fill in the blanks  :  A). The first stage of Labour begins with the onset of —————————   and ends with complete dilatation ————————–  B).The second stage of labour begins when  ————————   and  ends ————————————-(when baby is born)       C) The third  stage of labour last from the ———————–             until   ——————————-     15. State your nursing responsibilities in preparation for the birth of a baby & Initial care for Mom and Baby:  Image transcription textScore O 2 Heart Rate Absent Lessthan 100 beats per More than 100beats minute per minute … Show more… Show more   MOM:                         Image transcription textLochia Rubra V From the birth until 3 – 4 days postpartum VFlow in amounts like a heavy menstrual period . may have smallclots Dark Red Blood The odor should be fleshy , l… Show more… Show more Image transcription textUterus displaced Fundal height by full bladder . At deliveryDay 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 A… Show more                                Health Science Science Nursing NURSING PNUR250

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