Please take note of referencing requirements and word count.

Please take note of referencing requirements and word count. Please… Please take note of referencing requirements and word count. Please no more than 50 words perwith a 50-100 word count and please no more than 100 words on the 100-150 word count s. Thank you in advance for your help!!  1a.     (There are two parts to this )Legal and ethical requirements within the workplace are vital for improving and reviewing your own nursing practice.  Referring to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Code of Conduct for Nurses[1], briefly discuss which three (3) principles relate to practicing reflectively, reviewing and improving your own practice. (Word Count Range: 50-100 words, reference) [1]     According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Enrolled Nurse Standards for Practice 2016[1], there are three (3) main domains of practice.  Please provide a brief outline of the domain that most relates to your duty of care to your clients and colleagues in regards to maintaining your professional learning.  (Word Count Range: 50-100 words, reference)  [1] 1c.     As per theabove – you have discussed your duty of care as a nurse to maintain your professional knowledge, but what about the rights and responsibilities of the employer?Discuss two (2) methods an employer may provide or support to ensure that you are maintaining your professional knowledge / learning. (Word Count Range: 50-100 words, reference) 1d.     To be able to review and improve your practices you must have an understanding of your responsibilities and limitations as per the Enrolled Nurse Standards for Practice 2016[1].            Discuss the three (3) key features to your scope of practice that identifies your responsibilities and limitations (Word Count Range: 50-100 words, reference) [1] 2.       There are various models that explain the purpose and understanding of the benefits of professional reflection.  Choose one (1) that you feel that you can relate to further explain its concept and why you chose it. (Word Count Range: 100-150 words, reference) Now that you have covered the legal and ethical considerations for practice, how can you ensure that you review and improve on these for your own professional development?  3 looks at the professional development opportunities you may have as nurses to ensure that you are meeting the standards.3a.     Explain five (5) benefits that you (as a nurse) will get from engaging in industry networking. (Word Count Range: 50-100 words, reference)          Health Science Science Nursing HLT INF001 MISC

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