Please refer to case study. CASE STUDY 4 Guide: 1.How… Ple

Please refer to case study. CASE STUDY 4 Guide: 1.How… Please refer to case study.CASE STUDY 4Guide :1.How might Florence Nightingale analyse the situation? Because Florence Nightingale is the proponent of the Environmental Theory, she might agree with the physician to provide the patient with foods and increase his caloric intake. She might also check the food choices and the source of the client’s drinking water that might cause his diarrhea. Also she would suggest that the patient would need sunlight, to be exposed in the sun daily to improve general well being.2.What appear to be the perspective or views represented by the physician and the nurse  ( how might you say they are defining the metaparadigm)?RATIONALE: CASE STUDY 4Tony is a 32 year old man with HIV. His first AIDS defining illness caused his weight to drop from 175 to 116 lbs. due to intractable diarrhea. The physician thought caloric intake was of primary importance and urged Tony to eat whatever he wanted. The physician also prescribed tincture of opium for the diarrhea, but Tony hated the tincture of opium because it made him feel out of control. Because Tony was getting worse, his nurse argued that he needed intravenous nutrition and should eat only bananas, rice, apple sauce and weak tea until the diarrhea stopped. The nurse suggested adding other foods one at a time and only as tolerated. Tony’s family and friends offered to take control of Tony’s food preparation.The physician compared AIDS to advanced cancer and argued he would not prescribed IV nutrition to advanced cancer. The nurse argued that this was Tony’s first AIDS infection and that the prognosis was better than someone with advanced cancer. The nurse primary focus was on stopping the diarrhea and supplementing nutrition with IV’s. Tony’s friends preferred the nurse’s approach, but Tony was not as easily convinced. CASE STUDY 5 GUIDE :Each contact between a nurse and a client is an opportunity for health promotion. Based on the knowledge or key concepts listed above, what s would you ask to Mr. Woo? RATIONALE:  CASE STUDY 5 Mr. Woo, a 50 year old professional man, has pneumonia and is currently being treated with antibiotics. He smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. Since this bout of pneumonia he voices concern about his smoking and his wonders if he should try to quit again. He states “I’ve tried everything and nothing works. The longest I smoke last is about one month.” He admits to being 30lbs. overweight and state that his wife and he have started walking for 30 minutes every evening. His wife has also started making low fat meals. He is concerned that if he quits smoking he will gain more weight. CASE STUDY 6 GUIDE :How can you assess a client suffering from subcutaneous emphysema? RATIONALE:  CASE STUDY 6The nurse is examining a patient involved in a car accident. The patient complains of shortness of breath. The tissue of the patient’s face,neck and torso gives a crackling sensation when palpated. The nurse suspects subcutaneous emphysema.     CASE STUDY 7 GUIDE :Based on her developmental stage, how can you help the family adjust to her choice? RATIONALE:  CASE STUDY 7A 76-year old woman has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She also has severe cardiovascular disease that limits her choices of treatment. Her oncologist has recommended a series of chemotherapy that her cardiologist believes would be fatal. Her family is urging her to do all what is recommended. The client, who is in good spirits despite her diagnosis, chooses palliative care.   CASE STUDY 8 GUIDE S:As the nurse who is caring for the client on the follow-up visit, what expected outcomes would you anticipate for the goal of “Wound will demonstrate healing within 4 weeks”? What evaluative measures would you use to determine if the wound was healing?RATIONALE:  CASE STUDY 8 Mr. Vicar has been visiting the clinic for more than a month. He visits weekly for follow-up care for a chronic venous stasis ulcer of the left leg. The nurse’s notes at the time of his first visit contained the following information: “Ulcer with irregular margins, 4cm wide by 5cm long, approximately 0.5cm deep, draining foul smelling purulent yellowish drainage. Only subcutaneous tissue visible. Skin around ulcer, brownish rust in color. Zinc oxide and calamine gauze applied to ulcer; elastic wrap bandage applied to gauze. Client instructed to return in 1 week.”  CASE STUDY 9GUIDE :What do you need to assess in regards to Mr. Moore’s safety and wht suggesstions can you make for enhancing his safety?RATIONALE: CASE STUDY 9 Mr. Moore is a 72 years old widower who is recovering from a fall in which he fractured his lips and underwent surgical repair 1 week ago. He will be staying with his son for 2 weeks after he is discharged from the hospital, he is eager to return to his own home. Once he is home, his son visit nightly after work, he will receive meals on wheels once a day, and a home health care attendant will visit weekly to assist him with hygienic care until he can move independently. Mr. Moore wife died 3 years ago, but he has remained independent and continued his social functions. He lives in a small single level house with his dog and cat, and he enjoys gardening. Prior to fracturing his hip he walked with his dog daily. So, you will be his home health care nurse.CASE STUDY 10GUIDE :As a home care nurse, explain the factors that might increase Mrs. Niles’s risk for infection.RATIONALE: CASE STUDY 10Mrs. Nile is 83 years of age and lives alone. She has difficulty walking and relies on a church volunteer group to deliver lunches during the week. Her fixed income limits her ability to buy food. Last week, Mrs. Niles’s 79 year old sister died. The two sisters had been very close.Health Science Science Nursing BSN 107

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