Please provide a response of a couple of paragraphs to the p

Please provide a response of a couple of paragraphs to the post… Please provide a response of a couple of paragraphs to the post from the discussion board. A response could be some paragraph adding more in favor to the post below with some additional information or something similar like that. please provide references within the last five years. Thank youApplication of Course Knowledge: Client who displays racist or discriminatory behaviorA patient is brought inside into the emergency room from the triage room with complaints of a fever and cough. The patient is a middle-aged man who appeared loud and boisterous as he is brought into his room. He is coughing without the use of any face coverings and wiping his secretions on his sleeve. The nurse practitioner introduces himself as the provider that will be caring for him while he is in the emergency department. Before the NP is able to speak any further, the patient exclaims “No, you get out of here. I don’t want you anywhere near me. You’re probably the reason I’m feeling sick. Your people brought the China-virus into this country!” The patient is then subsequently informed that another provider will be caring for him instead.Patients who are racist or prejudiced against healthcare providers of certain genders and ethnicities typically are defensive and display uneasy behaviors. They tend to be apprehensive in engaging conversation and provide limited information about their concerns. Others may be very outspoken about their personal beliefs. These patients will be upfront about their disdain for certain healthcare providers simply by their image alone and will demand for another doctor or practitioner to care for them. Ultimately, their offensive remarks and actions are a portrayal of their fear and self-consciousness.When encountering such situations, it is important to be poised and calm towards discriminatory patients. Adequate physical distance between the patient should be maintained in order not to display any form of unwarranted advances. Patients should be informed that they are allowed to be cared for by another provider if one is available. They must also be educated that any form of aggression or disrespect towards any healthcare staff will not be tolerated. Since beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, xenophobia among the Asian population has increased in the United States. This has led to an increase in crimes against innocent Asian men and women including violent aggressions and killings (Wang et al., 2020).If I were to document an experience with a discriminatory patient, specially to Asian healthcare providers, I would begin with the general behavior and appearance of the patient upon presentation. Their language and use of certain words will be noted especially if any profanity was spoken. Any specific discriminatory statements made about myself or any healthcare provider in the care team will be recorded verbatim. Specific actions taken towards these patients will also be recorded which would outline the non-threatening approach that was used by me as the provider.ReferencesHealth Science Science Nursing FNP NR509

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