Please provide a rationale for all your answers Mr. Sherwood

Please provide a rationale for all your answers Mr. Sherwood is a… Please provide a rationale for all your answersMr. Sherwood is a 27-year-old male who had a fractured nose and is recovering from a rhinoplasty. He has a mustache dressing in place that is dry and intact. The nurse observes that the patient is swallowing repeatedly. What complication does the nurse anticipate? What equipment does the nurse need to assess Mr. Sherwood? Mr. Sherwood is concerned because his nose keeps bleeding. He asks the nurse, “Can you tell me again what I can do to keep my nose from bleeding?”How should the nurse respond to Mr. Sherwood’s ? Mr. Sherwood is discharged home. The nurse talks with him and his family on how to care for Mr. Sherwood after discharge.What are some talking points that the nurse should include in discharge teaching for Mr. Sherwood and his family? Health Science Science Nursing NURS FUNDAMENTA

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