Please provide a few paragraphs in response to the post belo

Please provide a few paragraphs in response to the post below. Add… Please provide a few paragraphs in response to the post below. Add something to agree on and elaborate more by adding additional information to the post. Also, please provide all the references used within the last five years. Thank you.Define the determinant: Social and community contextThis social determinant as defined by Healthy People 2030 is the effect that the community, family and friends have on the patient’s health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2021). This objective discusses how relationships that vulnerable people have can make positive health impacts (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2021). It helps to identify and facilitate social support to those that may be otherwise socially lost or feel isolated (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2021).Describe how the assignment social determinant could impact the health outcomes of a client.Interestingly, social and community influences can affect a person’s health both positively and negatively. A patient who is living away at college could be influenced by their party-school atmosphere and engage in risky behaviors. Similarly, an adolescent can be negatively influenced by being friends with a troubled group of their peers. One study presented showed that when pregnant women receive advice outside of their health care professional, they gain either less weight or an excess of weight outside of the recommendations (Souza et al., 2020). This article successfully displays that a patient’s social networks does in fact influence their health outcomes. Another article highlighted how family and friends influence whether young adults seek help for their depression or delay getting care (Samari et al., 2022). This article is especially interesting in that it calls for the community to assist to minimize the stigma of mental health to help combat the delay in mental health treatment (Samari et a., 2022). Identify what information the NP could gather to assess the impact of the determinant for the client.The nurse practitioner (NP) can try to learn about their patient’s social influences by asking asuch as: What do you like to do when you are with your friends? Do you ever talk about health and wellness with your friends?  Discuss at least two online, national, or local resources available for at-risk clients and families for the selected determinant.The platform of the internet is an alternative route for community building. In this context the online community can be all people diagnosed with a specific disease, and they can be across the world from each other but still part of the same community. Online health communities can be a support group as well as a great place to share treatments and knowledge (Van Oerle et al., 2018). There are many local resources in the community where I live. Beachwood has at least two programs that I am familiar with just by being a resident. Beachwood offers fitness classes through the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign and support and wellness groups for its senior citizens (Borough of Beachwood, 2022). There is also a wonderful program in Ocean County that offers help for the vulnerable youth and those with drug addiction called “Harbor House” (Ocean’s Harbor House, 2021).Health Science Science Nursing FNP NR509

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