PLEASE MAKE 2 NCP USING THIS CASE AND FORMAT CASE SCENARIO: Patient… PLEASE MAKE 2 NCP USING THIS CASE AND FORMAT CASE SCENARIO:Patient Lady Gaga, 28 year old female, gravida 5, para 2, saleslady, Roman catholic from Bayambang, whom is about 8 weeks pregnant was rushed to the ER (Emergency Room) after noticing some vaginal spotting and severe lower abdominal pain radiating to her shoulder. She also had two abortions in the past 3 years. The patient has been diagnosed and treated for gonorrhea and chlamydia once. She’s been having chills throughout the night but no fever. Some nausea and vomiting was reported. Her weight is at 110 lbs and her BP is 90/50 mmHg. She complained about cloudy urine and pain after urination. She was treated for recurrent UTI.Patient, has no history of tuberculosis, hypertension and diabetes.She has been sexually active since the age of 16 and has had three male partners in the last six months. She insists that they use condoms which she provides. The doctor ordered an ultrasound exam. The doctor orders morphine 2 mg IV q4h PRN moderate to severe pain. Her hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) was at 15,900 mUI/mL. Patient appears uncomfortable, body tense. Breath sounds clear with equal aeration bilaterally, non labored respiratory effort. Abdomen is distended and tenderness over suprapubic region, with hemoperitonium of 300ml and 200 ml clots.On Examination,patient is pale, Temp-98.6 . F, Pulse-68/min, RR – 16/min, SpO2 95%.Diagnostic results:Complete Blood Count (CBC)    WBC – 8.8; Neuts – 70; Hgb – 9.9; Plts – 155                                                   Urine – Preg  (+ )      Rh Factor – ( – )   The radiologist reported the patient’s ultrasound shows a thickened endometrium and slightly enlarged uterus. The result shows increased vascularity adjacent in the right ovary while the left ovary was normal. No gestational sac was noted. The doctor rushed in the room and explain the findings to the patient. After being rushed in the surgery room, they prepare the patient for surgery. During the diagnostic laparoscopy, a corneal pregnancy was noted on the left side. They removed the left cornu and repair the affected fallopian tube. After surgery, they moved the patient into a recovery room to closely monitor her after she recovers from anesthesia.  Post operative orders: Patient kept on NPO, with IVF of PNSS 1L, with SD of PNSS 200cc of Tramadol 50 mg/ml KVO. Metronidazole 500mg/ 100ml IV q 8H, without complications, but infused 2 units of RBC.On postoperative day one, the patient did well and the repeat beta-hCG was 3807 mIU/mL. She was discharged home three days later.  ASSESSMENTNURSING DIAGNOSISPLANNINGINTERVENTION EVALUATIONSubjective:     Objective:     Short term:    Long term: Independent:  Dependent:   Collaboration:  Short term:     Long term: Health Science Science Nursing NURSING MISC

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