Please i need a response to this passage 1. What type of…

Please i need a response to this passage 1. What type of… Please i need a response to this passage1. What type of qualitative approach did the researcher use?      The article “A qualitative exploration of hypertensive patients’ perception towards quality use of medication and hypertension management at the community level”  was conducted  to explore the perspectives on quality use of medication and management at the community level of hypertensive patients’ in Malaysia (Tan et al., 2017). A phenomenology approach was use in the study to understand the view on medications and hypertension management by the living experiences of hypertensive patients (Tan et al., 2017).2. What type of sampling method did the researcher use? Is it appropriate for the study?       The study use focus groups that were purposively recruited by the researcher. The 17 hypertensive participants were asked to answer the semi-structured naires, they were also encourage to interact with each other, exchange ideas and issues based on their own experiences (Tan et al., 2017). The sampling method is appropriate for the study because all the participants represented variation of characteristics and potential to provide rich, relevant, valid and generalizable information (Tan et al., 2017).3. Was the data collection focused on human experiences?     This study use a phenomenology approach to analyze the lived experiences of hypertensive patients and to capture the meaning and common features, or essences, of an experience or event (Tan et al., 2017). The conversations were audio recorded, transcribed verbatim and thematically analyzed (Tan et al., 2017).4. Was issues of protection of human subjects addressed?          The patients involve in the study contacted the researcher voluntarily after seeing the invitation on the notice board. The participants needed to be 18 years old and above. The participants with enduring mental health problems or cognitive impairment were excluded and prior to the focus group discussion the research team explained the information sheet and a signed informed consent was obtained prior to the commencement of focus group discussion (Tan et al., 2017).5. Did the researcher describe data saturation?     After the focus group discussion, all conversations were translated into English and the researcher was able to read the data several times to identify themes and categories. The researcher compared the final list of categories an sub-headings with the original transcript to ensure the data was identified and tested for constant comparison. When the researcher does not identified new themes, a conclusion would be made at this saturation point. (Tan et al., 2017).6. What procedure for collecting data did the researcher use?The researcher used semi-structured interview guide naire that was written in English and later translated to Malay language (Tan et al., 2017). The conversations were audio recorded. The participants were recruited by using purposive sampling method and the selection of the participants was based on age, living status and the different range of blood pressure levels (Tan et al., 2017).7. What strategies did the researcher use to analyze the data?     The researcher used the recorded conversations and then, translated the transcription into English. Textual data was also explored using content analysis method (Tan et al., 2017).8. Does the researcher address credibility (can you appreciate the truth of the patient’s experience), auditability (can you follow the researcher’s thinking, does the research document the research process) and fittingness are the results meaningful, is analysis strategy compatible with the purpose of the study) of the data?        Before the researcher can finalized the conclusion of the research study and to add validity to the study, the research findings were presented to the participants own idea and perception were represented and not curtailed by researchers own agenda and perspective (Tan et al., 2017).9.  What is your cosmic ? (This is ayou ask your peers to respond to based on the chapter discussed in class this week i.e. Qualitative studies).     Do you think cultural backgrounds can affect or invalidate the results from the study?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 410

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