Please help to reply to these two peers reply to at least tw

Please help to reply to these two peers reply to at least two of…  Please help to reply to these two peersreply to at least two of your peers with a substantive reply (more than just “I agree,” or “good job”).post 1 1.) Some risk factors would be her age, chronic health conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart failure. Another risk would be if she was around large crowds of people. She should stay updated on vaccines and avoid large crowds.2.) Her priority problem was the crackles heard in the base of the right lung. This was seen upon auscultation of her lungs. She also stated her son bringing her to the hospital because of her pneumonia.-lift HOB 30-45 degrees-encourage deep breathing coughing excerises-apply oxygen3.) The priority problem you would want to assess after seeing the rash on her arms is the airway whether she can breathe. After checking airway you will stop the IV medication transfusion immediately and consult the hcp or RRT. Patient stated she felt itchy and IV are quickest to get into the bloodstream. You could ask if she has the same reaction to sulfa drugs when given.4.) She will probably be given a steriod or antihistamine or barrier cream to stop the inflammation of the rash. If she was having airway difficulty epi may be given along with having suction and a trach or ambu bag at the bedside so if the patient coded.5.) You will want to teach her to avoid being around large crowds, take medications exactly as prescribed, call the hcp if her temp raises, check the water with a thermometer before getting in, try on shoes in the afternoon, no lotion in between toes. Do not smoke or drink.Do not stop taking antibiotics abruptly. Take all of them. Do deep breathing exercises/coughing exercises daily or use incentive spirometer. post 2 Doris Turner was at risk for community acquired pneumonia because of her age and preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heart failure. I would teach her to get the pneumonia vaccine and avoid crowds of people.Her primary problem was infection before the reaction to the medication. She had crackles in her lungs, was coughing, and had been running a fever and low oxygen saturation. I would encourage Doris to perform deep breathing exercises. In addition, I would teach her to use the incentive spirometer. I would also raise the head of bed and administer prescribed antibiotics.The priority problem after the reaction was an allergic reaction. She became itchy and developed a rash, and it could have eventually caused her throat to close and impair her breathing if the infusion was not stopped quickly.I would expect Doris to be given an antihistamine or epinephrine and IV fluids. This would stop the reaction from worsening. I would also expect supplemental oxygen to be provided to keep her oxygen saturation up. I would expect a different antibiotic to be prescribed that would not cause a reaction, so her pneumonia could continue to be treated.I would teach Doris to continue doing her deep breathing exercises and using an incentive spirometer. I would educate her to monitor her glucose levels daily and eat a low carb and low sugar diet. I would also educate her on eating a low sodium diet to manage her heart and kidney conditions. In addition, I would teach her to take the full dose of her antibiotics and continue taking all of her prescribed medication exactly as it was ordered. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3305

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