please help answer the 6 s below Scenario: This was my… pl

please help answer the 6 s below Scenario: This was my… please help answer the 6 s below Scenario: This was my second clinical for my HCA practicum. I was nervous working in a large care facility and being hands-on with the residents because it is so different from learning things through the textbook and in the lab at school. I got over my nerves after the first few days, and then my confidence just kept growing and growing from the feedback I was getting from my instructor, the residents, the staff, and my classmates. New things were happening every day that made me think on my feet and quickly develop solutions to problems.  One day, my mentor explained how to take care of my resident Mrs. Smith. She is an independent resident. However, every time she uses the toilet, she needs someone to wipe/clean the private area and have someone apply Melita cream. During dinner time, I took a picture of the monitor to show Mrs. Smith the menu to let her choose what she wanted to eat for dinner. When she took a look at the menu, she was so frustrated because she didn’t like the food choices. Hence, she cried, telling me that she can’t eat pork, only chicken. The only problem was that the chicken was cooked with coconut and curry. She can’t eat the chicken with curry because she said she will have diarrhea if she does. I showed her my compassionate caring by offering her an alternative. Seeing how she had cereal in the room, I asked her if she would prefer having that instead. I reported to my mentor about her situation and that she would like to have cereal with milk. Getting approval from my mentor, I gave her her cereal, ensuring she was comfortable with what she had. Reflective Process1. What happened (the story)?2. What were you thinking and feeling? What actions did you take and why?3. What do you think others involved thought and felt?4.What makes you think that was how the others thought and felt?5.What other options were open to you? (what could you have done differently?)6. What would you do differently if the situation arose again and why? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 211

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