Please can you respond to this below? 1. Define mental healt

Please can you respond to this below? 1. Define mental health and… Please can you respond to this below?1. Define mental health and mental illness:Mental health is defined as positive adjustments to things that bring about stress and this can be internal or external and the evidence of this is through thoughts, feelings and behaviors (Townsend & Morgan 2020). Mental illness is not as easy to define but can be defined similarly to mental health, but the evidence of thoughts, feelings and behaviors are inconsistent cultural norms and have an impact on an individual’s social or physically functions (Townsend and Morgan 2018).2. Share one thing about mental health that you did not know or want to know more about:Each individual to some level or degree is impacted by mental health at some stage in their lives and I am interested to learn about effective coping mechanisms. I am also interested to learn about what brings about psychotic breaks and how people can effectively recover from these situations. 3.Define therapeutic communication and describe two techniques that you did not know.Therapeutic communication can be defined as communication that can be verbal or nonverbal, but the focus of this communication is uplifting and advancement of healing of the patient (Townsend & Morgan 2020).  Using silence and offering self were two techniques that I did not know. Using silence gives the patient a chance to reflect on how they are feeling and offering self speaks to being more than a nurse, but actually being there for this individual as this can have a great impact on the patient’s recovery. 4. What are the goals of a therapeutic nurse patient relationship:A therapeutic nursing patient relationship brings about positive outcomes for the patient and the nurse. This relationship can bring about healing, achieving of goals and promotion of healing as well as prevention of injuries (Townsend & Morgan). 5. Describe the terms transference and countertransference?When looking at transference, this speaks to when a patient without knowing it, takes the feelings that the nurse is giving them and associates them with someone from their past. This can bring about anger or hostility and this prevents positive therapeutic communication from taking place (Townsend & Morgan). Countertransference speaks to the nurse’s approach and responses to the patient. Something in the nurse’s past with family friends or even a previous patient, may have an impact on how they treat or respond to their current patient. This also can impact positive therapeutic communication from taking place (Townsend & Morgan). 6. Do you agree that the daily hassles have a greater impact on your stress levels than major events?  Explain your answer.I think that this is a case-by-case situation. Daily hassles can in a way become our daily routines. We may not enjoy them, but we have now accepted that these things must be taken care of. Major life events however, usually take us by surprise and this can have a greater impact in my opinion. A combination of these taking place together would also bring about major stress and raise my stress level tremendously. 7.Define coping mechanisms -think about the coping mechanisms that you use that are constructive and destructive, provide one example of each.Coping mechanisms can be defined as thoughts or behaviors that are tailored to manage any internal or external stressors (Algorani & Gupta 2021). My constructive coping mechanism is planning. I feel much more at ease if I have a general plan in place, this can be a guideline to a successful outcome. My destructive coping mechanism is avoidance. If something goes wrong, my first instinct is to pretend that the problem does not exist and while this helps me forget about the problem in the short term, long term this does not set me up for success. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 350

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