please can you create a concept map for the following docume

please can you create a concept map for the following document… please can you create a concept map for the following document which I will upload, and a blank concept map to show how I want it done? Below is the case study to guide you in creating the concept map                  Cardiac case study 6  1. What are the likely sources of his calf pain and hip pain? Peripheral vascular disease. 2. S.P. has several risk factors for PAD. From his history, list 2 risk factors, and explain the reason they are risk factors. Chronic smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels and damage to them over time and HPTN will also cause the blood vessels to be narrowed and the increased pressure can damage the vessels3. You decided to look at S.P.’s lower extremities. What signs do you expect to find with PAD? Select all that apply.a. Ankle edema b. Thick, brittle nails c. Cool or cold extremity d. Thin, shiny, and taut skin e. Brown discoloration of the skin f. Decreased or absent pedal pulses 4. You ask further s about the clinical manifestations of PAD. Which of these would you expect S.P. to have, given the diagnosis of PAD? Select all that apply. a. Paresthesiab. Elevation pallor c. Dependent rubor d. Rest pain at night e. Pruritus of the lower legs f. Constant, dull ache in his calf or thigh5. What is the purpose of the daily aspirin listed in S.P.’s current medication? SP is taking aspirin not for its analgesic effects, but for its antiplatelet action. Aspirin inhibits platelet aggregation, which reduces the ability of blood to clot. SPs blood flow is already inhibited. Taking aspirin could hopefully prevent him from getting a clot in his leg, a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 6. What will you tell S.P. to do to prepare for the tests? No smoking prior to the test and to wear loose fitting clothing. 7. What do these ABI results indicate? His PAD is worse in his right leg than his left, though both are still bad scores. 8. You counsel S.P. on risk factor modification. What would you address, and why? Smoking cessation for multiple health benefits including improving his arterial and venous walls. Dietary changes to foods that don’t include sodium to help with blood pressure and the arterial and venous walls.9. You provide teaching on proper care of his feet and lower extremities, then use “teach-back” to assess S.P.’s learning. Which statements by S.P. indicate a need for further instruction? Select all that apply. a. “I can go barefoot in the house, but not outside.” b. “I will wear shoes that are roomy and protective.” c. “I will avoid exposing my feet to extremes of heat and cold.” d. “I will soak my feet in water once a day to make sure they are clean.” e. “I will put lotion on my feet and lower legs, but not in between the toes.” 10. How will physical therapy help? Physical therapy will show him proper exercises he can do to help increase circulation to his extremities.11. In addition to risk modification, what other measures to improve tissue perfusion or prevent skin damage should you recommend to S.P.? He should avoid exposing his feet and legs to extreme temperatures, avoid crossing his legs as this decrease’s circulation, wear socks and well-fitting shoes.12. S.P. tells you his neighbor told him to keep his legs elevated higher than his heart and asks for compression stockings to keep swelling down in his legs. How should you respond? Those are treatments for PVD and are contraindicated for those with PAD since they would impair circulation.13. S.P. has been on aspirin therapy but now will be taking clopidogrel instead. What is the most important aspect of patient teaching that you will emphasize with this drug? He needs to understand the increased risk for bleeding while taking this medication. These can include increased bleeding from any cut but also monitor for dark, tarry stools and bleeding gums.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 440C

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