Personality and Values Assessments You may have a strong ide

Personality and Values Assessments You may have a strong idea of… Personality and Values Assessments You may have a strong idea of what your personality and values are, but this the assessments featured will determine how much of personality is what you thought, what you value the most in life, and what your biggest areas of strength are.  There will be 3 assessments that you will complete, and the assessments can be found on . Below are the instructors and requirements for this part of your paper. 1. Sign up or into  2. Complete the following assessments a) Personal and Work Values b) Moral Foundations c) HEXACO personality profile  3. Save the results of your assessments and review what you find.                                           Reflection of Assessments           Once you have completed the assessments, I want you to reflect on your results while providing an overview of each assessment as well as describing, summarizing, and self reflecting on how the results impact your life. Consider the following s when completing this section. “What surprised me about these results?””What are my biggest areas of strength and room for growth””How do I see these scores impacting me 5, 10 years from now?”                             Application to Organizational Behaviour Having a strong understanding of your personality, values, and identity are key to success in both your professional and personal life. In this section I want you to self reflect and describe the following. 1. How do my results on the assessments fit into my current role or most recent job? Speak on the OB personality and values theory while connecting it to your role.  2. How do your values align with what you want in both your professional careers and personal lives? Ex: If you value money and status what impact will that have on your personal life? 3. Explain from an organizational behavior point of view the importance of individuals and teams understanding their personality and values and how it can be a competitive advantage. OB content that you can connect your test scores to include Personality, Values, Big 5 Personality, Motivation, Ethics, and your perceptions.                                    ConclusionHaving a strong summary and recap of your assessments and paper provide a great way to highlight your key points and to get your reader to remember what stood out. Your conclusion should be between a quarter to half a pageHealth Science Science Nursing HRES 1101

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