Peer review 1 The IPCP and QSEN competencies are influential

Peer review 1 The IPCP and QSEN competencies are influential in… Peer review  1 The IPCP and QSEN competencies are influential in teaching qualified nurses to be professionals in every healthcare set with the assistance of self-competencies. This is to advance in presenting quality healthcare and form the basis of distinctiveness in care structures (QSEN, n.d). For the nurses to improve their skills and attitude, they need to learn the basics and consider the significance of the foundation in health care services and perceptions in both philosophies and services set along with the advanced learning and implementation in training students to be competent nurse experts (Chen et al., 2018). Hence, nurses are able to give quality services to their patients and have holistic care approach to their careers.As an active nurse, the essential outcomes of creating a rapport and healthy relationship are enhancing and practicing better communication expertise and being practical when handling their cases. In most circumstances, it includes handling patient data such as their medical account, management, performing evaluations, and proper involvements to deliver quality healthcare results. The process can also be influenced through the collaboration of work that comprises better communications when providing patient data. In some instances, a lack of better communication or inconsiderate management would lead to failure of medical procedures or lack of professionalism in medical procedures. Comprehensive assessments offer the chance to advance case studies and attain the proper structure for appreciating each patient’s disorder. The collaboration of every team member is vital in attaining quality health care. Implementing these procedures allows each medical expert to be more active and well-organized to offer quality healthcare for the patient in the system.     peer  review 2QSEN is a national movement that recommends the use of quality and safety competencies in nursing care. These competencies help nurses to identify and address gaps in delivering high quality care. These competencies include patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics (QSEN, 2022). Each competency has skills, knowledge bases, and attitudes that nurses should focus on when delivering nursing care. These competencies not only apply in individual patient treatment, but they also represent areas that could benefit from quality improvements. IPCP competencies encourage interprofessional collaborative practice as critical in providing safe, high quality, accessible, and patient-centered. IPCP competencies include values and ethics; roles and responsibilities for collaborative practice; interprofessional communication; and teamwork and team-based care (IPEC, 2011).IPCP and QSEN competencies help to prepare BSN nurses to develop relevant skills in patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement and safety. Once they gain these competencies, the BNP-prepared nurse should communicate with team about the importance of implementing each of these competencies in health care delivery. These nurses should also base their care practices on these competencies to demonstrate their benefits to other health care providers (Markaki et al., 2019). These competencies can also allow nurses to engage in continuous quality improvement.In my clinical setting, some of the IPCP and QSEN competencies are implemented and measured. For instance, quality improvement and interprofessional collaboration is emphasized in my organization and clinicians are encouraged to demonstrate these competencies. As a BSN, I can influence the process by identifying areas for quality improvement, providing patient-centered care, engaging in teamwork and collaboration, and use of evidence-based practice. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 4833

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