Peer Evaluation 1) Write down one keyword for each of the 1,

Peer Evaluation 1) Write down one keyword for each of the 1, 2, and… Image transcription textUJJJJJIG LIHSSBS We must online learn about two years because of the impact of covid-19, which changesthe way we learn. After that, I realize something about online learning. I think Online classes are the best forcollege students because they can learn anywhere, they want without limiting the distance, feel c… Show more… Show morePeer Evaluation1) Write down one keyword for each of the 1, 2, and 3 example ideas at the end of the thesis statement.1. _____________2. _____________3. _____________2) Write down one keyword for body paragraph examples #1 and #2 main idea in the topic sentence. Do they match the above keywords from the thesis statement?1. _____________ Match? Yes / No2. _____________ Match? Yes / No3) Write down the 3rd example idea keyword from the thesis statement again. Next, write down the OPPOSITE idea keyword you can see in the body paragraph for example #3.. Thesis Statement Idea #3:   . Direct Opposite Idea Keywork in Body Paragraph:                                        4) Are the above ideas directly opposite? Yes / NoDoes the student immediately argue with the opposite opinion to say why it’s wrong? Yes / No5) In the conclusion paragraph, does the student repeat the same three example ideas? Yes / NO!! Self-Evaluation:1) Try to fix all from your Peer Evaluator.2) Put a checkmark next to your title if it has Capital Letters and is Noun Form3) Write down ONE KEYWORD for each 1, 2, 3 ideas at the end of your thesis statement….4) Write down ONE KEYWORD for body paragraph example #1 and #2 (in the topic sentences).  5) For example, #3’s topic sentence in the body, write down the best keyword that is opposite from idea #3 in the thesis sentence above it if it is directly opposite. 6) Also in body paragraph #3, show the sentence where you start to argue with your opponents. If not, please write more 7) Write your four main transition words of the essay. 8) For each and every of the five paragraphs, do both:Put the number at the end of each sentence so you know how many sentences are in each paragraph.Count the words for each paragraph and write the number at the end of each paragraph. Check that your body paragraphs are roughly the same length (example #3 might be a little longer). Check that your introduction paragraph and your conclusion paragraph are at 3-4 sentences only and that they are NOT longer than your body paragraphs.? (Also, make sure you typed your essay’s TOTAL word count at the bottom) Health Science Science Nursing ENGL 001A

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