peer 1 review Before exploring deeper into leadership, it is

peer 1 review Before exploring deeper into leadership, it is… peer 1 review Before exploring deeper into leadership, it is significant to consider the ideologies of operative leadership styles. Leadership that concentrates on attaining particular responsibilities accomplished is described as authoritarian leadership, while democratic leadership stresses the growth of social relations. On the other hand, servant leadership is frequently defined as a reversed style of management where the followers receive preference (Mefi & Asoba, 2021). Transactional leadership is another type of leadership that accepts that individuals are encouraged mainly by remuneration and punishment. This type of leadership is much associated with the autocratic leadership style. The certainty is that followers achieve their most excellent when the pecking order is specific and vibrant and that recompense or punishment depends on presentation (Mefi & Asoba, 2021). However, transformational leadership cultivates the supposition that individuals will follow an inspiring and motivating leader.New learning for me is that the most operational leader implements the most productive style in a specified condition. For instance, if a situation demands rapid choices and fast deployment of assets, an authoritarian type of leadership might be necessary and esteemed by the followers. What I have seen and admired is that without some degree of power, a leader would be challenged to work for their subordinates, thus negatively affecting the efficiency of the business. Leaders must understand how to communicate the power they possess, including establishing the powers they are thought to have (Salehzadeh, 2017). No particular style appears to be more successful; instead, diverse approaches to leading are used at different times and situations. peer 2 review According to Davidson et al. (2011), there are three elements that are needed for effective leadership. These include personal, team, and leading with a complex system. According to the text, complexity relates to leadership using the framework of core realities of leadership (Davidson et al., 2011). It can be seen as a continual process that comes from collaboration, critical thinking, and mutual agreements amongst parties. Power, chaos, change, and conflict can be seen in many work environments. Complexity leadership is a framework for enabling people and organizations for adaptability. It views leaders as professionals who work together to enhance the overall adaptability and fitness of the system (Uhl-Bien et al., 2020). This relates to power, chaos, change, and conflict. Servant leadership refers to a style of leadership where team growth is prioritized, and the focus is first on the ability of the individuals to succeed and then subsequently on the success of the goal (Gandolfi & Stone, 2018). Team leadership works well because people come together and give different ideas and strategies that can be used. This works in relation to power because working in teams allow others to view different perspectives and sometimes that can cause an individual in a group to take the lead on things. Chaos, change, and conflict can happen in any type of leadership situation. The main goal should be to collaborate effectively, remain openminded, and think of the common goal. Servant leadership was new learning for me. This type of learning is admirable because of it putting the needs of others before your own. This relates to nursing in a way, and I can see myself following that type of leadership along with team leadership. I’ve seen a lot of team leadership, complexity, and servant leadership while working in the hospital. Seeing the nursing collaborate with other nurses and working together as a team to do what’s best for their patient is what leadership is all about. I believe all the leadership styles are successful. Nursing as a whole is an admirable field. Health Science Science Nursing

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