Patient is experiencing sudden fatigue and weakness the past

Patient is experiencing sudden fatigue and weakness the past 4… Patient is experiencing sudden fatigue and weakness the past 4 days. You put her on Prednisone 50mg daily x 5 days.  The following morning, you see the lab reports–they are crazy! Liver enzymes in the thousands, CPK level was astronomically elevated, WSR & CRP crazy high, but UA was normal.  You call the patient to see how she is after starting the prednisone and to share the horrific lab results.  As you expected, Sue felt “better” on the steroid, but described the development of generalized edema and significant muscle pain over night.  Given that you know the 50mg of oral prednisone did not lead to that reaction, and the fact that, despite the change in her condition, she still felt “better,” you believe you are on the right clinical road. Identify two differential diagnosis with rationalesHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 6200

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