Patient: Doris J Turner DOB : 06/01/1935 MR #: 39899324 Doct

Patient: Doris J Turner DOB : 06/01/1935 MR #: 39899324 Doctor :… Patient: Doris J TurnerDOB: 06/01/1935MR#: 39899324Doctor: Dr. Natalie PrassDiagnosis: Community-acquired pneumonia  History  of Presenting IIIness:Doris is an 86 year old woman who presented to her primary care physician with a 4-day history of cough and a 1-day history of fever to 101.4 degrees. O2 sats 92% on room air in the PCP office. Chest x-ray confirmed pneumonia. Past Medical History:Hypothyroidism (diagnosed 36 years ago), type 2 diabetes mellitus (diagnosed 36 years ago), arthritis (diagnosed 26 years ago),  hypertension (diagnosed 26 years ago), hyperlipidemia (diagnosed 26 years ago) , atrial fibrillation (diagnosed 14 years ago),  chronic heart failure (diagnosed 14 years ago), overactive bladder syndrome ( diagnosed 13 years ago), depression (diagnosed 5 years ago), gout (diagnosed 5 years ago), chronic kidney disease (diagnosed 4 years ago) Home Medications:allopurinol-300mg,PO dailyapixaban-2.5 mg, PO BIDfurosemide-20 mg, PO BIDinsulin aspart-subcutaneous AC sliding scaleBG 150-199 3 unitsBG 200-249 5 unitsBG 250-299 7 unitsBG 300-349 9 unitsBG > 350 11 unitsinsulin glargine-45 units, subcutaneous, dailyisosorbide mononitrate extended-release (Imdur ER) 30mg, PO dialylevothyroxine 50mcg, PO, dailylisinopril 20 mg, PO, dialymetoprolol extended-release (Toprol XL) 50 mg, PO, dailyoxybutynin extended-release ( Ditropan XL) 10mg, PO dailypravastatin-40mg, PO, dialyspironolactone 25 mg, PO BIDvenlafaxine extended-release (Effexor XR)-150 mg, PO, daily Family History:No pertinent family history Social History:Widowed; husband died six years ago. Moved in with her son’s family around the same time. Son helps her manage diabetes and medications. Non-smoker. Drinks one alcoholics beverage less than once a month. After completing the Shadow Health Pharmacology simulation on Doris Turner and Doris Turner Med Math, use the information from the simulation to answer the following s for the discussion board.1.     Explain why Doris was at risk for community-acquired pneumonia? What education/teaching would you provide to help prevent this from happening to her again?2.     What was your priority problem before her reaction to ceftriaxone? Provide supporting evidence. Give 3 interventions to help Doris with this problem.3.     What is your priority problem after the reaction? Provide supporting evidence.4.     After stopping the infusion of ceftriaxone and calling the health care provider, what treatment/interventions would you think Doris most likely needs? Why?5.     What discharge teaching will you do for Doris? Include discharge teaching for her medical history also.Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3305

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