Part A The Nursing Critical Thinking Framework must include:

Part A The Nursing Critical Thinking Framework must include:… Part AThe Nursing Critical Thinking Framework must include: Assessment:Identify, analyze, interpret and record relevant data from the case study.Identify Etiology, Risk Factors & Pathophysiology.Identify Clinical Manifestations, minimum of five (5) must include physiological andpsychosocial (actual or potential).Selected clinical manifestations must first be relevant data from the case-study. Additional datamay be obtained from the literature.Nursing Diagnosis: Identify three (3) priority-nursing diagnoses related to the case study (actual or potential) from the NANDA nursing diagnoses list. Nursing diagnoses must include physiological and psychosocial aspects. At least one nursing diagnosis must be psychosocial.Priority Nursing Interventions:Identify five (5) evidence-based interventions that relate to each nursing diagnosisInterventions include treatment or illness prevention strategies such as health teaching, drugtherapy, nutritional therapy and other nursing interventionsCollaborative practice must be included to demonstrate a clear understanding of theroles/responsibilities of members within the interdisciplinary teamEvidence of collaboration with clients and families must be included in the nursing care planand if required, modification of desired outcomes are also includedCommunity resources and services that would benefit the client should be includedDiscuss the evidence-based rationales justifying your selections and describe if modification ofthe plan of care is required. Case Study: GS is a 52-year-old female with breast cancer. She is currently having chemotherapy. She arrived at her family doctor’s office with complaints of productive cough, severe nausea, anorexia and generalized weakness. She also stated that she has been having a difficult time tolerating many foods or fluids because of her sore mouth.Her vital signs are Temp 38, HR 102, RR 18, BP 110/60, O2 Sat 91% On auscultation: fine crackles were noted at bases on expiration. Image transcription textCritical Thinking Framework Etiology and Pathophysiology Relevant Case Study Details Risk Factors ClinicalManifestations (CM) (Physiological & Psychosocial) Nursing Diagnosis (Risk/Actual) Nursing Diagnosis(Risk/Actual) Nursing Diagnosis [Risk/Actual) Physiological Paychosocial Physiological ONE nursi… Show more… Show moreHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 102

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