Part 1: Chapter 2 is the dreaded math review chapter, but it

Part 1: Chapter 2 is the dreaded math review chapter, but it’s hard… Part 1:Chapter 2 is the dreaded math review chapter, but it’s hard to be proficient in your field without checking your math skills, right? Carefully review the Chapter 2 Learning Objectives to make sure you focus your learning efforts in this chapter. For your main post, discuss which of these learning objectives still gives you a headache in terms of understanding the particular math function involved- fractions, decimals, percentages, etc.? Then, create five math problems based on examples found in your chapter and post them. Your other classmates will attempt to answer them and you will answer theirs as well. This way, everybody gets a math drill!  Part 2:Luckily, in this course we are not requiring you to design tables. But, you do need to know how to understand the data in a table and what type of table is best suited for presenting different types of data and how to interpret statistical graphs. So, let’s do it as a class, table by table.Using Chapter 13 in your course textbook, review the following:Figure 13-1: Column ChartFigure 13-5: Bar ChartFigure 13-10 Pie ChartFigure 13-11 Line ChartFigure 13-16 PictographFigure 13-17 HistogramFor each of these graphic displays, state one fact (statistic) that you derived from what was presented. Your six observations need to be something different than other class members have stated, so please be sure to read their posts as well. The earlier you post, the more options you have for data observations. Part 3: The best way to practice in this class is discussing real examples as a group.For your Main Post, you will select one of the self tests from either Chapter 7 or Chapter 9 and teach the class how to work each of the problems in the self-test you selected. Make sure to identify the chapter and self test you present and tell the class the details about what calculations you used to arrive at your answers.Health Science Science Nursing MBC 2300

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