Paramedic/ Health Care 1. Justify why is it important to mai

Paramedic/ Health Care 1. Justify why is it important to maintain…  Paramedic/ Health Care1. Justify why is it important to maintain the vehicle in accordance with established organisational policies, procedures and guidelines.2. Identify the risks that are associated with a vehicles faulty buckle/clasp? Develop a risk analysis and decide what course of action to take as a result of this fault. Issue/Risk Risk Analysis/Level Action x23.  Identify and describe what options are available if you decide not to use the buckle/clasp for James4.  Identify and describe three (3) principles that you would use to load James into the vehicle James safely.5. Evaluate the weather and traffic conditions and describe the changes you will make to your driving style.6.  With regard to confirming a detour route, identify what communications process you will be required to undertake. Discuss what you need to communicate and to whom.7.  Identify and explain three (3) actions or measures you can apply to how you drive the vehicle to ensure James remains comfortable.8.  Document below your handover report on the situation to an ambulance officer using the mnemonic IMIST-AMBO. The Scenario: You are about to take over the outgoing night shift crew vehicle who are finishing their shift. The crew inform you that they have had a busy night and that the consumables in the vehicle are running low, and they have not had a chance to restock these. You are given a verbal list of what they think is missing. As this is your vehicle for your upcoming shift, you complete the mandatory vehicle and stock checklists. During the vehicle checklist, you notice that the radiator warning light is on and the tyres air pressure seems to be low. 9. After you have completed the vehicle checklist and identified the issues, what are your next steps for rectification? (dot points acceptable)10.  For the purpose of this , you have noted a vehicle fault in the scenario above that you are unable to rectify yourself. What are the required steps and who would you inform?11. Access and research the Australian infection Control Framework to assist in your responses. Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in healthcare (2019).  describe the process from start to finish and state how often vehicle cleaning should take place. Your answer should include any PPE, equipment and resources required.12. Discuss the implications of using a vehicle that is insufficiently stocked. For example, list the repercussions of not carrying the following: • LifePak (defibrillator)• Oxygen (O2) • Cannulas The Scenario: You are called to a nursing home in the early afternoon to assist with transportation to appointments. You have picked up an 89-year-old lady named Elizabeth from her nursing home as she is required to go in to hospital to receive some minor surgery. She is on O2 (2L/min), she is also connected to a heart monitor. Elizabeth is able to sit up in bed, however, she requires a high walker for mobilisation as a result of some hip complications from a previous fall. Elizabeth is not very confident with the high walker and shuffles unsteadily. 13.  How will you provide this information over radio to the receiving facility, and how will you provide handover to the staff at the hospital on arrival. 14.  Discuss the key communication differences between radio communication and handover communication. 15.  What is this patients acuity level? Identify if any additional team members and/or staff will be required for this patient’s transportation and justify your response.16. . Identify two (2) specific risks that are associated with this patient’s transportation. Identify how you will mitigate (address) the risks to support patient safety? 17.  Discuss the equipment and resources you will require to pick up, load, transport and unload this patient to the receiving facility. You are required to discuss all requirements, inclusive of PPE. The Scenario:You are receiving a shift handover from the team about to finish their shift. They inform you that they have completed a vehicle and equipment inspection check, and that the transport vehicle has been cleaned inside and out, with any resources restocked. However, you cannot see any paperwork filed for this equipment check or clean. You receive instructions indicating that you will be transferring a patient named Sam who is in a wheelchair from his aged care facility to a specialist appointment in approximately 2 hours.  18.  Discuss if you will or will not conduct another vehicle check, including equipment stock in the vehicle prior to transporting the patient. Explain your reasoning and include any legislative or organisational references, policies and procedures or workplace forms that require documentation during this process.19. For the purpose of this , you identified a major fault and have been issued a new vehicle to complete the task of transferring Sam from his aged care facility to a specialist appointment. You have approximately 30 minutes until you have to pick up the patient. Will you conduct another vehicle check, including equipment stock in this new vehicle prior to starting the journey? Explain your reasoning and include any legislative or organisational references, policies and procedures or workplace forms that require documentation during this process.Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH 1000

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