Nutritional Assessment Assignment Nursing Assessment Mrs. Jo

Nutritional Assessment Assignment Nursing Assessment Mrs. Joe Mary,… Nutritional Assessment AssignmentNursing AssessmentMrs. Joe Mary, a 60-year-old teacher, attends a community hospital-sponsored health fair. She approaches the nutrition information booth, and the clinical specialist in nutritional support gathers a nutritional history. Mrs. Mary is very upset about her 9-kg (20-lb) weight gain. She relates to the nurse clinician that since the death of her husband 1 month ago she has lost interest in many of her usual physical and social activities. She no longer attends YMCA exercise and swimming sessions and has lost contact with her couple’s bridge group. Mrs. Mary states she is bored, depressed, and very unhappy about her appearance. She has a small frame and has always prided herself on her petite figure. She says her eating habits have changed considerably. She snacks while watching TV and rarely prepares a complete meal.Physical Examination                          Diagnostic DataHeight: 162.6 cm (5′ 4”)                     CBC normal, urinalysis negative,Weight: 63.6 kg (140 lb)                    chest x-ray negative, thyroidTemperature: 37°C (98.6°F)              profile within normal limitsPulse: 76 BPMRespirations: 16/minuteBlood pressure: 144/84 mm HgTriceps skinfold: 21 mmSmall frame, weight in excess of 10% over ideal for height and frameUsing the Mini Care plan Assignment Form complete the assignment. Answer s below using the care plan form s Develop a daily meal plan with a well-balanced diet, reduced calories, and reduced fat.Facilitate identification of eating behaviors to be changed.Use accepted nutritional standards to assist Mrs. Mary in evaluating adequacy of dietary intake Using Care plan below  NUTRITION ASSESSMENT DATA COLLECTION   Medical History      Current Problems (clinical, medical, surgical, nutritional, risk factors)    Medications pta: (admission database)   Dietary Supplements/CAM Current Medications (MAR, orders)     Clinical Progress including procedures, tests, treatments (nursing notes, MD progress notes)             Laboratory data         Anthropometric Data Height: Assessment weight: BMI: IBW: ____________ (note method) %IBW:   _______________    UBW: ___________  % UBW: ________Diet/Activity History Current diet order:   Evaluation of Diet History:       Usual physical activity/disabilities:  Nutrition AssessmentEstimated calorie needs: (note method)  Estimated protein needs: (note method)  Estimated fluid needs:(note method)  Micronutrients:(special considerations) Nutrition Diagnosis (in PES format)Nutrition Intervention/Selected ActivitiesList  3 interventions for each one the sections below Weight Reduction Assistance    Nutritional Counseling    Behavior Modification   Critical Thinking How do Mrs. Mary personal characteristics influence her       Offer suggestions for ways to modify Mrs. Mary’s tendency to snack.  Nutrition Evaluation/Monitoring                      Health Science Science Nursing NURSING BS 122

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