Nutrition Journal Post 3 Nutrition is the most important asp

Nutrition Journal Post 3 Nutrition is the most important aspect of… Nutrition Journal Post 3Nutrition is the most important aspect of life and requirement to sustain life. It is essential to know as future nurse, knowing the nutritional requirement, when a patient is malnutrition, over or under nutrition. However, I have been keeping my daily food and drink intake journal for a few weeks, and I have met most of my goal from eat more macronutrients such as calories, fat, and fiber. I learned that eating healthy diet is very important for health, and I learned to apply nutrition for my future patients.   Do you feel like you met your goal? Why or why not?I feel like I met my goal. The reason I say this because I have been keeping my daily food for a few weeks now and I have increased my calories intake from 1800 to 2000 as the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for women. This is the calories that I have met so far and I will keep it consistent as I do for every day. I am also improving my fat intake from 47g to 70g which is great, and the fiber that I eat increased from 23 g to 25 g which is exactly as the requirement for woman to take daily. I know that to keep track of the food I eat every day it is very important to know how much calories I consumed in a day and to stay healthy.What did you learn about yourself through this process?I learned that eating healthy diet is essential for good health, but to be able to get a healthy body I must set a realistic a goal. I learned to use My Fitness Pal app to help me keep track of my daily food intake so I know how much calories, carb, fiber, fat, sodium that I do not eat enough for the day. Once I know which group of macronutrients that I do not have enough I should add more of those food to my plate to fulfill the requirement for my daily need. I also learned that eat healthy food and balance my diet it will have benefits or prevent me from many diseases in the future. For instance, in the past I did not eat breakfast in the morning and went to school with empty stomach.  I felt very tired and I could not focus during lecture class because I keep thinking about food, and I have a stomach ache often.  However, since I set a realistic goal for myself and I prepared my breakfast to eat before I go to school, I felt so much better because I have the energy that help me to focus in school, and I have a better mood throughout the day. My stomach was not pain like before it used to, and I was able to concentrate during class without thinking about food all the time because my stomach has enough food to digest.  I will keep this habit consistent as I do now to keep me in a good health in the long run. How can you apply what you learned to nutrition teaching that you will do with your patients? I will use the knowledge form nutrition to help curate a diet plan that is healthy. I plan to incorporate all groups of foods; carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins for the patients. I also plan to spread the diets appropriately to ensure they have energy and strength. A healthy diet plan is important for easy absorption and digestion of all patients. I will provide nutrition screening, and performing nutrition assessment, and interventions. This will help understand the body of a patient so as to curate the diet plan properly. Screening shows the foods patients are lacking on and need boosting. By boosting, then the patients become stronger and better. I will also use portion control plate for the patients. Patients are able to have enough food necessary for their daily activities. It avoids having a lot of food which accumulates in their bodies as fat. Fat is a factor for many other diseases.  In addition, I will recommend nutritional supplements to patients. Nutritional supplements are important in boosting the general health of the patient. Some of the supplements include iron, zinc and vitamin A. Supplements help replenish some of the body that were once diminishing.   Conclusion Overall, during this process I have improved my goal to eat enough macronutrients, and I learned that eating healthy food help prevent me from many diseases.  I should continue to keep eating this way to maintain healthy life styles. As future nurse I will use the knowledge that I learn to educate my patients who is lack of nutrition or someone that who over weight and need to lose to maintain healthy. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2750

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