NURSING STUDENTS NUR241 Task One Assessment Information 2000

NURSING STUDENTS NUR241 Task One Assessment Information 2000 words… NURSING STUDENTS NUR241 Task One Assessment Information 2000 words +/- 10% Task One – Case Study – Chronic Heart Failure (for nursing students) Refer to the marking rubric in canvas for this task. Use the information here as a ‘guide’ to meet the requirements of the rubric: Criterion 1: Application of pathophysiology of the patient’s condition to the case study. It is essential to have sound knowledge of the pathophysiology of medical conditions to understand how the signs and symptoms the patient is displaying manifest in the body, what assessments will need to be undertaken and how this information informs the treatment plan. A. Use the information in the case study to provide a written explanation of the pathophysiological changes that occur in the body in relation to the disease process, chronic heart failure B. Additionally, provide a written explanation for each of the subjective and objective data presented in the case study (i.e. what causes oedema and other symptoms presented?) (Approximately 800 words). Criterion 2: Application of the nursing process to the medical/surgical context. Using the nursing process, provide a written explanation of how you would care for your patient using each step below: Nursing assessment: Explain what nursing assessment you would undertake in order of priority and provide a rationale for each assessment process (Approx 500 words). You are working as a nursing student with your registered nurse buddy in a medical ward. You will be caring for Mrs Yindi Burarrwanga, an Aboriginal woman who is 68 years of age. She was admitted to the ward two days ago with chronic heart failure. She has bilateral oedema of her legs and nocturia. She complains of feeling short of breath and is fatigued. Blood pressure is 135/70mmHg, pulse is 98, respirations 32, O2 saturation 89% on 2 litres oxygen via nasal prongs, temperature 36.6. Nursing diagnosis: Provide nursing diagnoses in relation to the information provided in the case study. These can be in bullet point format (Approx 30 – 50 words). Plan: Provide a brief plan of care that meet the patient’s needs in relation to the case study. These can be in bullet point format (Approx 30 – 50 words). Intervention: Explain what nursing interventions you would undertake and provide a rationale for each intervention (Approx 500 words). Evaluation: Provide an explanation for the evaluation you will undertake for the person in your case study at the end of your nursing shift (Approx 100 words). Criterion 3: Use of evidence to inform and support decision-making and responsive practice. Ensure you source relevant and valid literature sources to support your assignment content. If you require help, the library services can assist you. Criterion 4: Critically appraise nursing standards that influence health care delivery In this assignment, you are required to demonstrate an understanding of the standards and how they apply to your nursing practice: Apply the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice to the actions you take within the assignment: The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care are also to be integrated into your answers: Criterion 5: Apply principles and practices of academic communication, writing and referencing Use the USC APA 7th edition referencing guide. In text citations are included in the total word count. The reference list is not included in the word count. Seek help early with academic writing/referencing and enrol in any available workshops offered by Academic Skills if required. Take advantage of the Turnitin option to check for any plagiarism and make amendments prior to submission. An approximate word count has been provided to guide you – overall count 2000 words+/-10%.Health Science Science Nursing NUR MISC

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