NURSING SCENARIOS 1. You are a staff nurse working full-time

NURSING SCENARIOS 1. You are a staff nurse working full-time on a… NURSING SCENARIOS 1. You are a staff nurse working full-time on a busy medical unit. It is 1200 and time for your lunch break. A patient’s family member has just arrived and would like to speak to you about her mother’s discharge plans. In addition you realize that you have several 1200 medications to administer and a physician wants you to assist her with a procedure to be done on one of your patients. How would you handle this?  2. Your patient is palliative. The family is requesting that you not give morphine due to its addictive properties. How would you handle this situation?  3. What would you do if a Doctor wrote an incorrect order, or an order that was against hospital policy? How would you respond?  4. You are caring for a patient who has a history of falls. Presently he is ambulating with a walker and his risk for falls is low. The family is requesting the patient be put into restraints whenever he is awake. How would you handle this?  5. Your patient has just been diagnosed with an acute upper GI bleed. Maintaining IV access will be very important to restore fluid losses. What else will need to be monitored with this patient during your shift based on his condition?  6. Your patient is on Digoxin, Slow K, Ramipril and Lasix. Given these medications, what special considerations do you need to monitor?  7. You are caring for a patient with a tracheostomy. While on duty, you are called to the patient’s room by a family member and on arrival find the patient to be in respiratory distress. What would indicate to you that the patient is in respiratory distress? What actions would you take or anticipate? While completing your assessment the patient becomes unresponsive and a Code is called. What information needs to be communicated to the Nurse assuming care of the patient?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 126

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