NURS3006 The Professional Nurse Assessment 2 – PowerPoint…

NURS3006 The Professional Nurse Assessment 2 – PowerPoint… NURS3006 The Professional Nurse Assessment 2 – PowerPoint Presentation – Graded – 40% of final mark Instructions Assignment overview: Students will undertake a video recorded PowerPoint presentation of 10 minutes duration from the choices given below. The student will need to research and provide evidence during their PowerPoint presentation that will be video recorded and uploaded into the submission box. The presentation will require PowerPoint slides and needs to include a reference list as the last slide. Students are required to submit the whole video recorded presentation. The presentation will contain an introductory slide of the title and name of the student as well as the scenario or title. The total time for the presentation will be 10 minutes. The presentation will also include points for discussion focused on the scenario and the content of the presentation. In order to pass the topic students will be given a cumulative mark and grade for the two assignments. Students are required to complete and submit both assignments and receive a cumulative mark of 50% or more to pass the topic. Developing the presentation: Use the text, module resources and literature on FLO as a foundation to the presentation, then use your experiences and research to develop your presentation. The title slide will have the student name and the scenario chosen, then slides with content evidenced from the research literature duly referenced on each slide with a finalslide containing the references. Rules for presenting: Recording can be undertaken by using Kaltura. This is available to students through Flinders University as a software download. The Sturt library has facilities for students to record their presentation when they have developed their slides. Please book a study room and come onto campus if you are unable to access a camera. Students can use their phones to video record, laptops, Kaltura or Collaborate by booking a session. Students can also come into the university and use any desk computer to video record their presentation. Students are to wear their uniform and treat this as a professional presentation. There should be very minimal reliance on notes while delivering the presentation, and the use of notes must not be obvious to the audience. Presentations are to be 10 minutes in length. As a general rule of thumb there is one slide per minute but some may take longer to speak to than others. The following is a YouTube guide to PowerPoint Presentations and there are others on developing and delivering presentations. Slides should be uncluttered, easily read and clear. Generally a slide is made up of dot points that are spoken to and expanded upon by the presenter.  2 SCENARIOS Students are to choose one of the following scenarios to present and refer to the text, literature and resources provided through the FLO topic. You have been employed as a graduate nurse and as part of your graduate program you been directed to develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to other graduate nurses in the same program on one of the following subject areas. 1. How to critically appraise research and analyse your own nursing practice. a. What is evidence based practice and the levels of evidence? b. What criteria is used to critically appraise research? c. What is knowledge translation? d. How can self analysis of your practice be based on research? 2. How to integrate the ongoing registration and continuing professional development requirements of a Registered Nurses in Australia. a. What are the standards for registration as a nurse? b. Explain the the code of conduct for nurses and responsibilities in mandatory notification? c. What are the continuing professional development requirements for registration in Australia? d. How can the standards be applied in practice? 3. How to interpret your role as a beginning registered nurse within the organisational structure and as part of an interdisciplinary health care team. a. What is meant by organisational structure? b. What is meant by organisational culture? c. How does the role of registered nurse fit into an interdisciplinary health care team? d. As a graduate nurse, how can you contribute to the healthcare team? 4. How to evaluate the fundamentals of clinical governance in relation to clinical practice improvement and leadership. a. What is clinical governance? b. What is continual quality improvement? c. How can a graduate nurse apply clinical governance and quality improvement? d. How does leadership impact on governance and quality improvement?Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3006

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