NURS 1200 SBAR and Nursing Diagnosis Assessment Identify a p

NURS 1200 SBAR and Nursing Diagnosis Assessment Identify a priority… NURS 1200SBAR and Nursing Diagnosis Assessment  Identify a priority nursing diagnosis for a client with pneumonia: (1 point)  Identify three (3) nursing diagnosis for a clientwith peripheral vasculardisease: (3 points)    Identify two (2) definingcharacteristics of the nursing diagnosis, “Impaired Physical Mobility” (2 .points)   4. A 52-year-old male has the following diagnosis: “Constipation related to poor gastrointestinal motility aeb hard formedstool and abdominal distension.” Write a measurable goal for this client: (1 point)   What does the acronym SBAR stand for: (1 point)  The SBAR communication method would be appropriate for nursing in the following situations EXCEPT: (1 point)Giving a report to the nurse manager.Providing an update on the patient to the physical therapistTelling your friend that works in the hospital cafeteriaCalling the doctor’s office with a patient problem  The following information is essential to have available before calling the physician EXCEPT: (1 point)Patient name age, and advance directive statusSocial security numberPrimary diagnosis and relevant past medical historySignificant lab results  Scenario #1. Mr.  0  is 63-year-old  male.  He was dizzy and light-headed  at hoe and almost fell. His wife brought him by car to the ER. Mr. O was admitted to the hospital with syncope. This is not his first time being admitted to the hospital. He has been treated in the past for congestive heart failure, diabetes, and acute myocardial  infarction.  He feels like he is pretty healthy  as he only takes ibuprofen at home for chronic back pain.  Mr. 0  arrived to the inpatient unit at 1600.  His murse Betsy, RN assessed him and found his blood pressure 125/84, pulse 76 and regular, and his respiratory  rate 16.  He is afebrile at 98.6.  Mr. O’s labs were normal, but his IV infiltrated during transport. Betsy, RN started a new IV and put a warm compress on the old site. Betsy, RN reported off to Ben, RN at 1900.  At 2130, the CAN found  Ben, RN and told him that he had just helped  get Mr.0   off the bedpan. Mr. O had a large, black tarry stool and was complaining of notfeeling well. Ben, RN asked him how he was feeling, and Mr.0 said he just didn’t feel well and could not get comfortable. He asked if he could have something  for his belly, he states “it’s really hurting!” Ben, RN assessed his abdomen and found that it was distended and rigid. Mr. 0 rated his abdominal pain a 6 on a scale of 1- 10. For Scenario #1, using SBAR documentation, identify the situation: (1 point)      For Scenario #1, using SBAR documentation, identify relevant assessment data: (Must identify a minimum of 3 assessments for a full credit) (3 points)The “R” in SBAR describes: (1 point)The patient historyThe patients current problemYour frustration with your assignmentWhat you would like the physician to orderHealth Science Science Nursing INTD 2520

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