NSG 4000 Quantitative Sample Data Review the data provided f

NSG 4000 Quantitative Sample Data Review the data provided for… NSG 4000 Quantitative Sample DataReview the data provided for appraisal of quantitative research where you will compare and contrast studies to draw conclusions. After reviewing the data presented in the table, use supportive evidence from the assigned reading in the course textbook to answer the following s:What two patterns in the study can you identify? (Consider the sample and its size, study methods and whether it was appropriate to test the data, similarities/differences in the findings, and statistical significance or p value).What are the two strengths or limitations of the data?Discuss one practice recommendation that you could make based on your analysis of the studies? Referring to the evidence presented, explain why you are recommending this practice change.  CitationDesignPurposeSample Size & CharacteristicsVariable or MeasureMethodsFindingsAiken et al. (2018)Cross-sectional observational studyTo determine the association between patients’ confidence in nurses and doctors, RN staffing, and patient experiences with hospital care.66,348 hospital patients and 2,963 inpatient nurses in England.Patient experiences with hospital care and the nurse experiences with staffing, work environments and missed nursing care.The 2010 NHS Survey ofInpatients obtained information from 50% of all patients discharged from 161 facilities in England. The 2010 RN4CAST England Nurse Survey gathered information from inpatient medical and surgical nurse from 46 hospitals. Data were analyzed using statistical tests.Patients’ perceptions of hospital care are strongly associated with missed nursing care, which in turn is related to poor nurse staffing and poor hospital work environments.Missed nursing care was positively associated with higher patient- tonurse ratios (b=0.15, 95% CI 0.10 to 0.19), and negatively associated with better work environments (b=-0.26, 95% CI -0.48 to -0.04).Kol et al. (2018)Descriptive quantitative studyTo determine the patient satisfaction levels of nursing care in a university hospital in the Mediterranean Region in Turkey.400 patients from a university hospital in Turkey.Patient experience and satisfaction with nursing care.Participants completed the Newcastle Satisfaction with Nursing Scale and data were analyzed using statistical tests.The mean total Satisfaction with Nursing Care score was 62.08 ± 20.94, and the mean total Experience of Nursing Care was 71.97 ± 11.97.      The highest satisfaction items were reported as the skillfulness of nurses’ and the nurses’ respect for the patients’ privacy. The lowest scores were given to the nurses’ efforts to make the patients feel at home and the comfort provided to the patients’ families.Al-Neyadi et al. (2018)Quantitative exploratory analysisTo evaluate the quality of healthcare services by investigating the factors affecting patient satisfaction in private and public hospitals.160 adult inpatients between the ages of 18-66 from private and public hospitals in United Arab Emirates.Inpatient satisfaction, quality of care provided by physicians and nurses, and the quality of the environment.A Likert scale was used with close ended s. Data were analyzed using the statistical tests ANOVA and t testThere was no significant difference in the patients’ view toward both public and private hospitals in terms of physician and nursing care and hospital      environment (p > 0.05).ReferencesAiken, L. H, Sloane, D. M, Ball, J., Luk, Bruyneel, L., Rafferty, A. M., & Griffiths, P. (2018). Patient satisfaction with hospital care and nurses inEngland: An observational study. British Medical Journal, 8, 1-8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2017-019189Al-Neyadi, H. S., Abdallah, S., & Malik, M. (2018). Measuring patient’s satisfaction of healthcare services in the UAE hospitals: Using SERVQUAL. International Journal of Healthcare Management, 11(2), 96-105. https://doi.org/10.1080/20479700.2016.1266804Kol, E., Arikan, F., IIaslan, E., Akinci, M., and Kocak, M. (2018). A quality indicator for the evaluation of nursing care: Determination of patient satisfaction and related factors at a university hospital in the Mediterranean Region in Turkey. The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, 25(1),51-56. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.colegn.2017.03.006Health Science Science Nursing NSG 4000

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