NOTE: Review the Consultant Chat Project Information Video..

NOTE: Review the Consultant Chat Project Information Video… NOTE: Review the Consultant Chat Project Information Video before starting this assignment.  These chats are intended to be conducted in the Consultant’s home but with the current Coronavirus considerations you may conduct the chats on the phone or the internet.  StandardYesNoCommentSmoke detector Y  TelephoneY   Fire Extinguisher Y  Vented heating system Y  Minimal ClutterY   Functioning refrigeratorY   Proper food storageY   Adequately lighted hallways and stairways  N NEED MORE LIGHT OUTSIDE THE HALLWAYHandrails on stairs(inside and outside)  N NEED HANDRAILS INSIDE AND OUSIDEFloor surface even, easy to clean, no wax, free of loose scatter rugs or deep-pile carpet  NTHERE WERE COUPLE OF RUGS INSIDE THE HOUSEDoorways unobstructed, painted a contrasting color from wall Y  Bathtub or shower with nonslip surface, safety rails, no electrical outlets nearby Y  Hot water temperature less than 110 degrees Fahrenheit Y  Windows screened, easy to reach and to open Y  Ample number of safe electrical outlets probably 3 feet higher than floor for easy reach; not overloaded Y  Safe stove with burner control on front Y  Shelves within easy reach, sturdyY   Faucet handles easy to operate, clearly marked hot and cold Y  Proper storage of medications, absence of outdated prescriptions  N LOTS OF OTC MEDICATIONS THAT ARE EXPIRED.For wheelchair use:  N *Doorways and hallways clear and wide enough for passage*Ramps or elevator*Bathroom layout allow maneuvering*Sinks, furniture low enough to reachY   Consultant Chat #3-Environmental Assessment Checklist-Part OneBefore meeting with your consultant, print out the Environmental Assessment Checklist   Download Environmental Assessment Checklist (which is shown above ) and take it with you to your visit. When you meet with your consultant, ask them if they would help you fill out the checklist so that together you can determine the safety of their home environment.You must submit BOTH the completed Environmental Assessment Checklist and the answers to the s below.Consultant Chat #3: Script s-Part TwoINCLUDE THE S FOLLOWED BY THE ANSWERS.What risks did you see in your home?What changes do you think can make your home a safer environment?Do you have anyone who can help you make these changes? If you are unable to make these changes, would you like me to help you find community resources that are available to assist you?Hazards in the environment put some older people at risk for a fall and injury. Some older people carry a cell phone so in case they fall, they can call for help. Do you have a cell phone? If your consultant has a cell phone, ask them what apps they have and use. Ask your consultant if they have a computer or a tablet and what they use them for.For the student:  Please post the Environmental Assessment Checklist in your Consultant Chat assignment.  Remember to include your critical reflections about this exercise. In your critical reflections, summarized your conversation, determine what safety risks you assessed and your opinion of what the consultant felt about the risks you identified. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4312

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