NEED TO NURSING CARE PLAN FOR THIS PATIENT NURSING CARE PLAN… NEED TO  NURSING CARE PLAN FOR THIS PATIENT NURSING CARE PLANIdentify one priority problem (or Nursing Diagnosis), stated correctly, and based on the assessment data you collect for the resident.2.   State realistic and measureable expected outcomes. Include a deadline date for meeting the outcome.3.   Nursing interventions need to be individualized, specific and realistically accomplished by you. Be sure to consider collaboration and client teaching.4.  Evaluation – What might you try next for your resident? Ontario Sim Introduction and Background: Gemma EganYou are Omara Egale, a registered nurse (RN) working in a retirement home.? Today you will be caring for Ms. Gemma Egan, a 70-year-old client, who admitted herself for a three-week respite stay at the retirement home. The client fractured her left hip (femoral neck fracture) and had surgery (treated with cemented bipolar prosthesis) to repair the fracture two weeks ago. ? After a 5-day hospital stay, the client’s sibling stayed with Ms. Egan at her home for the first 9 days. The client’s sibling needs to go out of town for three weeks for work, and during this time Ms. Egan will be staying in the retirement home. Ms. Egan is a retired lawyer, who usually lives on her own and has no children? At discharge (from the hospital), Ms. Egan had limited mobility and could not weight bear for long periods of time. Over the last week, she has continued to use her walker (without wheels) and still requires assistance. Physiotherapy (PT) has made two home visits and is helping Ms. Egan with range of motion (ROM) exercises and her mobility. PT will continue at the retirement home. She also has appointments with an occupational therapist (OT). She was on an opioid for pain control in hospital and has shifted over to Tylenol with one Tylenol #3 at night. She has no known allergies.? You are just arriving back from your morning break and the administrative assistant informs you that Ms. Egan has arrived and is waiting in her room.Health Science Science Nursing NURS 467

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