NAME CONTACT INFORMATION PATIENT LANGUAGE PATIENT RACE/ ETHNICITY… NAMECONTACT INFORMATIONPATIENT LANGUAGEPATIENT RACE/ ETHNICITYLogan, Sartoro206-555-1687 (Home)EnglishBlack or African AmericanEncounters DATELOCATIONPROVIDERSTATUSDESCRIPTION12/11/2015 23:13General Hospital ERArturo Rubio, NPAdmittedPatient in room. Will be seen in Urgent Care by first available provider on duty.The patient fell off a skateboard while skating at the park. He hit the curb at a high speed. Peers brought him to the clinic for evaluation.Alerts DATE & TIMESUBJECTSTATUSALERT TYPE12/11/2015 23:13PeanutsActiveAdverse Reaction/AllergyPrevention Problems PRIORITYSTATUSDESCRIPTIONIMMEDIACYDATE OF ONSETPROVIDERPresentingActivePossible displaced fracture of left radiusAcute12/11/2015Joshua Galloway, MDPresentingActiveAcute painAcute12/11/2015Arturo Rubio, NPVitals TPR B/P O2DATETEMPERATUREPULSERESPIRATIONBLOOD PRESSUREPULSE OX12/11/2015 23:1337.0 C11026119/6999 %PAINDATEPAIN12/11/2015 23:13:2510 – Worst ImaginableNONVERBAL PAIN ASSESSMENTDATEFACEACTIVITYGUARDINGPHYSIOLOGYRESPIRATORYTOTAL SCORE12/11/2015 23:132 – Frequent grimace, tearing, frowning, wrinkled forehead2 – Restless, excessive activity and/or withdrawal reflexes1 – Splinting areas of the body, tense1 – Change in any of the following: SBP > 20mmHg, HR > 20/min 6GROWTHDATEWEIGHTHEIGHT/ LENGTHWAIST OR HEAD CIRCUMFERENCEBMI12/11/2015 23:13135 lb72 in 26Quick Survey LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND ORIENTATIONDATEPERSONPLACETIMEPURPOSE12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNLHEENT/ NEURODATEHEADEYES/VISIONEARS/HEARINGNOSETHROAT AND MOUNT12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNLWNLSKINDATEWOUNDS/ BREAKS/ RASH/ LESIONSREDNESS/ IRRITATIONDRYNESS/ EXCESS MOISTURETURGOR/ COLOR/ TEMPERATURESIGN OF BREAKDOWN12/11/2015 23:13AbnormalAbnormalWNLWNLAbnormalLUNGS/ THORACICDATELUNG SOUNDSRESPIRATION DEPTHRESPIRATORY RATECHEST SHAPE AND APPEARANCEEDRAINS/ LINES/ SUTURES/ STAPLES12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNLWNLCARDIAC/ THORACICDATEHEART SOUNDSHEART RATEHEART RHYTHMJUGULAR VENOUS PULSEDRAINS/ LINES/ SUTURES/ STAPLES12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNL ABDOMEN/ COCCYX/ GENITALIADATEABDOMINAL SHAPE AND APPEARANCEBOWEL SOUNDSTENDERNESS/ LUMPS/ BLADDER DISTENSIONTUBES/ DRAINS/ CATHETER SITESSKIN APPEARANCE12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNLWNLEXTREMITIESDATETEMPERATURE/ COLOR/ CAPILLARY/ REFILLPULSES/ SENSATIONEDEMAROMTUBES/ DRAINS/ STAPLES/ SUTURES/ CATHETER SITES12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLAbnormalWNLPSYCH/ MENTAL HEALTHDATEMOOD/ AFFECTCOGNITIONTHOUGHT PATTERNSLEEP PATTERN12/11/2015 23:13WNLWNLWNLWNLGENERALDATEPAIN/ DISCOMFORTELIMINATIONAPPETITEACTIVITY12/11/2015 23:13AbnormalWNLWNLWNLOrders See More >> CATEGORYORDER ITEMFREQUENCYSTATUSWHENLaboratoryDrug and alcohol screenNOWActive03/22/2022 22:14Supplies/DevicesSugar Tong Splinting KitNOWActive12/11/2015 23:53Scheduled Medstetanus toxoid vaccine 5 UNT per 0.5 ML Injectable Suspension – Dose: 0.5 MLNOWActive12/11/2015 23:53DiagnosticsX-Ray of left arm and wristNOWActive12/11/2015 23:53ConsultsOrthopedic consultONCEPending12/11/2015 23:53Meds CATEGORYDRUG DESCRIPTIONORDER STATUSFREQUENCYScheduled Medstetanus toxoid vaccine 5 UNT per 0.5 ML Injectable Suspension – Dose: 0.5 MLActiveNOWScheduled MedsAPAP 325 MG / Hydrocodone Bitartrate 7.5 MG Oral Tablet [Norco] – Dose: 1 TabActiveNOWPrescriptionsAPAP 325 MG / Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5 MG Oral Tablet [Norco] – Dose: 5 MGActiveQ4HNotes DATE & TIMENOTE TITLEAUTHORLOCATION12/12/2015 00:08X-Ray ReportDavid Collins, RadiologistGeneral Hospital ER12/11/2015 23:43ER AssessmentArturo Rubio, NPGeneral Hospital ER12/11/2015 23:28Emergency Room initial evaluationChris Caruso, RNGeneral Hospital ERLogan Sartora is a 16-year-old student who fell while jumping on his skateboard. He injured his left arm, which appears broken. The x rays have returned showing a distal radius fracture (broken wrist). Logan will need splinting and pain relief. An orthopedic surgeon was asked if surgery is needed. Logan is very upset and concerned he will miss work, as well as the skateboard competition in 2 weeks. His father arrives distressed at the emergency room. He tells the nurse that he speaks Portuguese with limited English. Logan speaks both English and Portuguese and is translating. He tells the nurse that his family immigrated from Brazil 6 years ago, and that he and his father contribute to the household income. Review Logan’s EHRgo chart Think about the growth and development of your client, and the factors that may influence your nursing care and communication.   Based on the information in Logan’s on chart, what health behaviours may increase his risk for delayed healing or re-injury? (2 marks).What health promotion intervention would be most appropriate to address this? (2 marks)  cite your work Health Science Science Nursing NURS 1080

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