Name and briefly describe three types of wounds. What is the

Name and briefly describe three types of wounds. What is the… Name and briefly describe three types of wounds. What is the difference between arterial ulcers versus venous stasis ulcers versus pressure injury? How long does it take a wound to heal under “normal” conditions? Briefly outline the process/phases/time here. Name and briefly describe two complications associated with surgical wounds. What is the purpose of a wound dressing?  What type of dressing would you use to cover an IV site? What type of dressing would you use to pack a wound?  and describe the rationale for why.   (suggestion: start with thisand you may make that recommended chart here.) Type of wound dressingWhat the dressing does to promote healing?Types of wounds used with       Name two types of wound drains. What is the purpose of a wound drain? Urinary Elimination What are some reasons a patient may be incontinent of urine? Name two.  What does a nurse document in the patient chart about urine? What risks (nursing problems/ND) are associated with incontinence? Name two. What interventions can a nurse take to treat urinary incontinence? Please list two. Based upon the CDC recommendations, list at three appropriate reasons why a patient could receive an indwelling urinary catheter.What infection control method is used during the procedure? What risks (nursing problems/ND) are associated with catheters? Name two. How many milliliters per hour of urine should an average-sized, healthy adult patient produce? Why is it important for a nurse to know this? Match the patient statements to the correct definition. Patient Statements”Whenever I laugh hard, I dribble urine.” “I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.” “I wet the bed because I can’t make it to the bathroom in time.” “There’s blood in my urine.” “The nurse performed a bladder scan and I have 400 ml left over in my bladder after voiding.” “There’s still 50 ml of urine left over in my bladder when after I urinate.” “It burns when I pee.” “I’ve only peed 200 ml in the past 24 hours.” “My urine is cloudy and has white clumps.” “I’ve peed 2000 ml over the past 3 hours.” “I am peeing more often than I usually do.”  Terms___ Dysuria ___ Functional incontinence ___ Stress incontinence ___ Hematuria ___ Urinary incontinence ___ Nocturia ___ Oliguria ___ Post-void residual ___ Pyuria ___ Polyuria ___ Frequency ___ Urinary retention     Health Science Science Nursing NUR 306

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