My professor indicated that I did not explain each … My pr

My professor indicated that I did not explain each … My professor indicated that I did not explain eachthroughly and to include a reference(s) for eachanswered based off the storyboard below over Patient advocacy. Please also check if my APA is accurate in 7th edition for my in text citation and reference list. 1. Identify at least one key aspect of the professional nurse characteristics described in the storyboard that stands out for you. Discuss why this aspect is meaningful to you.The key aspect of professional nurse characteristics that stood out for me is communication. The storyboard presents an excellent example of great communication skills from a nurse. They not only communicate effectively; they are also polite and respectful. The choice of words is simple, and there is no ambiguity on what they will say next. Excellent communication skills are indispensable for proper and effective nurse-patient interaction (Bullington et al., 2018). It is thus crucial that organizations do not assume rather conduct basic communication training for nurse students.Describe two other professional nurse characteristics that impact the characteristic in your classmate’s storyboard. Explain how the two characteristics work together to strengthen the professional nurse role.Two other professional nurse characteristics displayed in the storyboard are attention to detail and adherence to nursing protocol. The attention to detail is seen in how the nurse can understand what the patient needs, and they are ready to take action to provide the needed care. Adherence to the nursing protocol can be seen when the nurse insists on using the proper protective equipment before attending to the patient. This is an important safety element for both the nurse and the patient (Vaismoradi et al., 2020). It is thus an essential part of making an excellent professional nurse.  Describe how you plan to demonstrate the professional nurse characteristic outlined in the storyboard as you develop your professional nurse identity throughout your time as a student nurse.I plan to demonstrate professional nurse characteristics outlined in the storyboard to develop my profession as a nurse. First, I plan to be extremely great at communication. I plan to be empathetic, pay attention to details, communicate using the correct language, and most importantly, understand that we live in a multicultural society, so it might not hurt to be multilingual. I also plan to develop my professional nurse identity by adhering to all policies and protocols. This includes always adorning the proper attire and protective gear when attending to patients (Vaismoradi et al., 2020). I must follow all the requirements when giving any form of care and avoid any professional misconduct. One of the greatest ethical requirements in the nursing profession is patient confidentiality, and I plan to give my patients the respect and confidentiality they deserve as I care for them.ReferenceBullington, J. (2018). Communication skills in nursing: A phenomenologically-based communication training approach, Nurse Education in Practice 39 (8), 136 – 141., M. et al. (2020).  Nurses’ Adherence to Patient Safety Principles: A Systematic Review, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(6), 20 – 28. Image transcription textHi, my name is Hi Lindsey, I’m Beth Lindsey andI am and I was assigned the nurse in charge torooms 1 and 2 to of rooms 1 and 2 … Show more… Show moreImage transcription textA V Our patient in room 1 has reported OHNO, not again! Of course, that she has pulledout her IV and blood is going e… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textOpen with v Iii Mrs. lanes I am going to clean thismess up for you. … Show moreImage transcription textOh yes you’re Wait, Beth, before you cleananything, you always need to right! I’ll go grabperform hand hygiene and apply t… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textThank you both so much for all your helpll You’rewelcome Ma’am, have a wonderful day and wewill be back to check on you in a little while. … Show moreImage transcription textThank you for your help today Beth. Pleasemake sure that you always use standardprecautions and use proper PPE n… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textAs a nurse, it is my responsibility to ensurepatient OO advocacy. It keeps the patientsafe, as well as myself and my … Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC

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