. Ms. Hernandez is a 34 year old female who presented to you

. Ms. Hernandez is a 34 year old female who presented to your… . Ms. Hernandez is a 34 year old female who presented to your office today with complaints of right upper quadrant pain. Patient reports that her pain started a few days ago and has been getting progressively worse and today is accompanied by nausea and dry heaving. Ms. Hernandez reports that the pain is worse shortly after eating and she has had a poor appetite for the past few days due to the pain and nausea. Patient denies any vomiting or diarrhea and denies any bloody emesis or stools. Patient has tenderness in the RUQ on palpation.  1b. What are the differential diagnosis choices for the patient’s symptoms? What diagnostic labs or tests might you order to confirm your diagnosis? 1c. What is your treatment plan/recommendation for the diagnosis? For acute, for non-acute?               Acute               Non-acute  Health Science Science Nursing WGU D115

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