Mrs. Y is a 27 year-old mother, pregnant for the 6th time. H

Mrs. Y is a 27 year-old mother, pregnant for the 6th time. Her… Mrs. Y is a 27 year-old mother, pregnant for the 6th time. Her eldest son who is 11 years old is with her. His siblings are 9-year old twins born at 36 weeks AOG. Mrs. Y’s 3rd pregnancy was stillbirth at 30 weeks AOG; 4th and 5th pregnancy are born at 40 weeks AOG. She was admitted to ER with vaginal bleeding at 28 weeks AOG. Mrs. Y complained of mild-moderate abdominal pain. The physician ordered that Mrs. Y be admitted immediately. Doctor ordered IVF of D5LR1L x 8 hours. She was ordered to have a CBR S BRP’s for 2 weeks. Diet recommended for Mrs. Y is SD in small frequent feedings. No meds was ordered except supplements of folic acid. Mrs. Y is concerned about staying in the hospital because her husband is working in another province as a construction worker; and she is worried about leaving her younger siblings alone in their house. She receives laundry in order extra money augment their basic needs. So she is requesting the nurse to allow her to go home and promised to sign the waiver so that the hospital will not be liable for anything unfortunate that may happened to her. Because Mrs. Y insisted, the hospital allowed her to go home and give her several discharge instructions. Answer eachin relation to the given Case Scenario:1. What is the GTPAL scoring of Mrs. Y?2. What are the 2 immediate concerns that the nurse needs to address when Mrs. Y was brought to the ER?3. Identify the different nursing problems in this case scenario.4. If you are the nurse in charge of Mrs. Y, what are the appropriate discharge instructions you need to give her?5. What is the rationale behind the recommendation of folic acid supplement in Mrs. Y’s Case?6. How will you differentiate bleeding from hemorrhage?7. How will you identify whether the bleeding of Mrs. Y is just a simple spotting or bleeding which may lead to spontaneous abortion? Explain your answer.8. What could be the possible cause of Mrs. Y’s bleeding?9. How will you rate a mild-moderate abdominal pain.10. Make an NCP for the 2 immediate concerns identified in the case of Mrs. Y. Follow the format ADPIE. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 39700

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