Mrs. Woodward is an 85-year-old woman who lives alone in a 2

Mrs. Woodward is an 85-year-old woman who lives alone in a 2-story… Mrs. Woodward is an 85-year-old woman who lives alone in a 2-story home. Unless an acute situation arises, she is seen by her primary care provider (PCP) every 6 months. She has 10 different medications for a variety of ailments: hypertension, glaucoma, atrial fibrillation, insomnia, and osteoporosis. She always carries a list of her medications in her purse because she finds she forgets 1 or 2 of them whenever she is asked to list them. To the best of her knowledge, here are her medications and special instructions for taking them:Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg po once a day after dinnerTimoptic 0.25% 1 drop in affected eye twice a dayAmiodarone 400mg po once a dayFosamax 70mg po every week with milkAmbien 10mg po every night as neededTylenol PM 2 tabs every night as neededIndocin 50mg po once a day for mild to moderate painPercodan 325 mg po every 6 hours as needed for moderate to severe painAldactone 50mg po once a dayColace 100mg po once a day Today, at her PCP’s office, her BP was taken initially and a reading of 190/165 was obtained. When the PCP enters 15 minutes later and retakes her blood pressure, it is found to be 180/160. When asked if she was taking her medications, Mrs. Woodward indicated “Yes. In fact, I’m running to the bathroom all night long to urinate.” After completing her physical examination, her PCP states she “looks good for her age.” The PCP changes her antihypertensive medication to a new, more potent drug and leaves the room. No further instructions were given to Mrs. Woodward. She is happy that her PCP is pleased with her health. Critical Thinking Assigment: (make certain you cite and list all references used)1.        Describe at least 5 age-related changes that affect the way in which drugs react in older           adults.2.        Identify all of the medications which could potentially be of concern for Mrs. Woodward using the 2019 Beers criteria. Why are these medications of particular concern? Are there any other medication concerns you can identify besides those involving the Beers criteria?3.       Describe at least 4 nursing interventions you could use to aid an older adult who has poor memory to safely administer medications.4.        List the major drug groups (categories) for Mrs. Woodward’s health concerns based upon the medications listed in#2. Which potential health problems addressed by medication could be managed with nonpharmacologic means? Identify at least 2 nonpharmacologic means for each potential health problem you identified.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS 476

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