Mrs. Vexana is a 62-year-old woman who has been a patient fo

Mrs. Vexana is a 62-year-old woman who has been a patient for many… Mrs. Vexana is a 62-year-old woman who has been a patient for many years at the office where you work as an office nurse. For the past few months, she has complained of increasingly severe upper abdominal pain and weight loss. An ultrasound ordered by Dr. Cecilion revealed a mass suspicious of primary liver cancer.Mrs. Vexana and Lunox, the youngest of her three daughters, come to Dr. Cecilion’s office to discuss the test results. Dr. Cecilion discussed the test results, but you were with another patient. You know the family well and expect Mrs. Vexana to understand what Dr. Cecilion told her, and you plan to instruct her on use of the pain prescription Dr. Cecilion wrote for her. However, while clarifying her understanding about her illness, Mrs. Vexana becomes resistant. She tells you that there’s nothing wrong with her. She says, “All I need is some herbal remedies to help ease my indigestion.” She leaves after agreeing to try the pain pills suggested by Dr. Cecilion.Clearly upset with her mother’s behavior and attitude in facing a terminal illness, Lunox, seeks your advice. She wants her mom to confront her disease and the fact she’s dying. However, her two sisters strongly disagree, and tell Lunox they will never speak to her again if she continues to force their mother into confronting her prognosis.You have been working with Mrs. Vexana and learn that part of the problem for the sisters is that their father experienced a painful death in the hospital. At the time their mother said she’d never want to know that she had that to look forward to. Lunox feels strongly that her mother needs to have time to get her affairs in order. As you speak more with Lunox you discover the one saving grace (so to speak) of the whole episode with her father’s death was the presence of the Protestant chaplain. While not the same religion as her father, the chaplain brought comfort to him and to their mother.  what are the objective and subjective assessment?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 1551

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