Mrs. Smith is a 62-year-old, postmenopausal, female. She is

Mrs. Smith is a 62-year-old, postmenopausal, female. She is a… Mrs. Smith is a 62-year-old, postmenopausal, female.  She is a Caucasian, non-smoker, weighing 120 pounds with a height of 5 foot 2 inches. Fasting blood samples were collected on 10/12/18 and most recently on 4/15/2019. Enter the latest results into the flow chart below.                                           04/15/2019:CHOLESTEROL (181)TRIGLYCERIDES (60)HDL (64)CHOL/HDL (2.8)LDL (105) Using the example as a guide, calculate the % change for the four remaining tests.  Borderline                      100-129 near optimal   AB  Mg/dL10/12/1804/15/19% ChangeRef Range   A-B/A=RATIO X 100 = % CHANGE CHOLESTEROL263 263 – 181 = 82/263 = -0.31 X 100 = -31%150-240TRIGLYCERIDES81  30-200HDL53  32-96CHOL/HDL5  0.0-5.0LDL194  10-129                          CHOL                                                LDL Cholesterol Level                               < 200 is desirable                          <100 optimal                                   < 240 is HIGH                                  130-159 borderline HIGH160-189 HIGH                                 190 and above VERY HIGH Which lab results from 10/12/18 are considered too high?Which results changed to acceptable after six months? What is your conclusion about the patient's diet and health status on 04/15/2019?  Based on the table below, what is Mrs. Smith's risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease?  CHOL/HDL RATIORISKfemalemale0.5 average3.33.4average4.452X average79.53X average1124 After the doctor reviewed the results with the patient, he asks you to go over the diet he prescribed for Mrs. Smith and to stress the importance of "sticking to the plan".   a) What types of food would you coach the patient to avoid?  b) What foods would you recommend she increase in her diet?  While Ms. Smith is pleased with the improvements, she needs convincing that a) the blood tests are accurate and b) that the change in her diet could actually produce these results.  How would you show the patient you understand her concerns? In a few sentences, what could you say to address the patient's concerns?  Use the links below for some information that might help with this .    Health Science Science Nursing NURSING334

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