-Mr. Thomas is an 85 y/o male who was just diagnosed with DM

-Mr. Thomas is an 85 y/o male who was just diagnosed with DMII. He was told he needs to check his FSBS ac and hs (please complete all the abbreviations for class).  He expresses concern that this is all new to him and he is scared of needles.  He is also worried that his eyesight is too poor to read the insulin syringe. Plus, he likes to watch Gunsmoke during the day and he is not sure he will remember to get up and go to the kitchen for all these new tasks. Develop a patient care plan for this patient with two nursing diagnoses along with three interventions with rationales.  These also need a short- term and long-term goal. After developing the nursing care plan, think about how we can help Mr. Thomas. What resources are available for him? What type of patient teaching can we do? How can we help him watch Gunsmoke, remember to check his FSBS, document results, read insulin syringe, etc.? Health Science Science NursingNURSING SEM102Share

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